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Are You Familiar with Keywords?

All of us use Google, Yahoo or Bing when we’re searching.  And we do a lot of searching.  For instance, did you know, that on Google, there are over 40,000 searches per second,?  That figures out to be 3.5 billion searches, within a 24-hour period. Worldwide that’s 1.3 trillion searches a year!   That is an awful […]

Worldwide, 85% of Employees Hate Their Jobs

Are you overworked and underpaid? Taken advantage of?  Unappreciated?  A lot of times it is one’s boss, but they are plenty unhappy with their co-workers as well.  Gallop poll shows that worldwide, 85% of employees hate their jobs.  About two-thirds of Americans don’t feel connected with their job. Often times leading employees to do their […]

Small Business Opportunities

Are you a retiree?  And after 6 months, maybe a year, the excitement of retirement has worn off.  Are you bored? Feel as if you’ve lost your purpose in your life?  Do you find that you actually miss working?  Then this article is for you. I want to give you small business opportunities, some that […]

Make Money Selling Amazon Products!

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Yes, you can make money selling Amazon Products.  All you need is a website or a blog, create a good flow of traffic to your website, join Amazon’s affiliate programs and start selling products to that traffic/people. No inventory, no bulk purchasing any products, no money needed.  And the great thing about selling Amazon products […]

Can You Relate?

                                        Sound Familiar? Does any of the above pictures sound familiar?  Or do you have your own horror story to tell?  I believe every single adult has at least one horror story about their job or […]

▶Real-Life Success Stories

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I am currently updating the real-life success stories, including 2018’s success stories. I will have them in alphabetical order this time.  So that I won’t accidentally duplicate any of the stories. I have not edited any of the below posts in any way.  Even left the typos in— and if you know me at all, you […]