Start Your Own Online Business, Today!!

Are you ready to invest in yourself as well as your financial future?  Would you like to make 2019, your year??  Your year to make HUGE changes!!

Would you invest .82 cents a day in yourself??  .82 cents, and then your time?  If you could learn how to make a website, in fact, make that website in 30 seconds, learn to get traffic – to your website, and then learn the many ways in which to make money with your website, would it be worth .82 cents a day, to you?  Under a dollar a day!!  I have that change in my truck!!

Affiliate marketing is where it’s at if you’re looking to make a living, a very lucrative living, online.  Working from your home.  You can make a full-time income.  You can become successful.  This is totally legit.  I know, because I’m doing it!!!

What If I’m Not Sure?

I totally understand if you’re hesitant.  Heck, I was very hesitant!  But I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a try.  Wealthy Affiliates offers you a week, for free, to learn with a live coach.  Step by step videos.  24/7 live support, and a mentor!  Before this week is up, you will have built your very own website.  In fact, in about 30 seconds, you will have built your website.

You will have Premium membership access for 7 days.  You will get Level 1 with 10 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification, for free!!  Click on the banner, to learn for free.

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After Your Free Week

After your free week is up and you have your very own website up.  And you have added some content.  Learned about SEO–and how to get traffic to your site.  And you’re actually liking what your learning.  And you can see the potential that affiliate marketing can offer you.

If you are determined to work your business and commit yourself wholeheartedly, then Wealthy Affiliate has the deal of the year, just for you!

It is their Black Friday Special!!  You can become a Premium member, with access to over 100 hours of videos.  Live Training every week.  As I mentioned a mentor.  And the whole WA community.  A community like none other.  You have to experience to believe it.  So during your free membership, be sure to interact with the community!

I will be going yearly at Wealthy Affiliate during our Black Friday Special.

I can join for $299 instead of $359–saving $60

I am currently paying $49 a month X 12 months =$588 –Black Friday Special savings $289!!

At the Black Friday Special price, that makes it .82 cents a day!!

Oh and you are locked in at the $299 price, instead of the $359.

You can’t go wrong, and there are NO OTHER additional fees.  I honestly kept waiting for extra fees.  I pay my monthly fee–soon my yearly fee, and I have free rein of the entire website.  All the training, best training in the industry.  Live training.  Tools, and video training on how to use them.  You have to see it for yourself.

I currently have this website and 2 others.  I sell Amazon products through their affiliate program.  As well as a few other businesses such as Booking.com, Shein, RoseGal, LilyDress, Gymboree, NYVape, -just to name a few.  I joined their affiliate programs, and I get a percentage of the sales I generate.  Want to learn how to generate sales?  There are sooo many different ways in which you can make money.  Enough money to quit your current job, make a full time income being your own boss and working from your own home.  Be sure to read “What’s So Great About Working from Home?“.


Make Money Selling Amazon Products!

Yes, you can make money selling Amazon Products. All you need is a website or a blog, create a good flow of traffic to your website, join the programs and start selling products to that traffic/people.

No inventory, no bulk purchasing any products, no money needed. And the great thing about selling Amazon products is that you can go several ways to doing it. You can decide to go one way, a couple of ways or heck try all of them. See what works best for you. What works best for you website. So are you interested to make money selling Amazon products?

This is How I Do It

Because I didn’t know of all the different ways that you can make money with Amazon’s affiliate program, I’m currently sell everything. If its relevant to an article I’ve written, and it can be helpful to those visiting my site, I’ll place an ad on that page for it.

For example, I wrote an article about Fish Oil. I explained its benefits, and how I take it for inflammation. Once I was done I added an advertisement like this:


I wrote another article, it was about stress, and what affects it has on your body.  Stress can be very dangerous for your health.  Even deadly.  We can’t eliminate all stress, it’s part of life.  But I shared techniques on how to better cope with it. I shared many different ways in which to handle stress.

One of them is vitamins.  Believe it or not, eating properly does help, but we all know that we can’t always eat properly.  That’s where vitamins can help.  I added an advertisement for popular, helpful vitamins, especially for stress.

When a visitor clicks on that ad from my website and makes a purchase, I get a percentage of that sale. The percentages vary from product category to product category.

Sell What Your Website is About

With all the many ideas/niches that you can choose from, this kind of affiliate marketing is focused on products related to it.  I’ve seen quite a few, successful, different idea/niche based websites.  And if it’s something that you know a lot about, are even passionate about, that makes it that much easier to write about.

You enjoy going camping.  You are an avid camper, In fact, you’ve gone camping all over your state, or the US, heck the world, write about it!!  Did you buy a new tent or sleeping bag before your week-long camping trip to Yellowstone Park?  Write a review on that tent or the sleeping bag.

Writing reviews, on things you’ve personally tried yourself, build trust with your visitors.  Visitors that will return to your website.  You want them to trust you.  They enjoying camping, almost as much as you.  They bookmark your website because it will be one of the places they check out when they want to read reviews, on a tent their thinking about buying.  They could click on the link you provide, and they buy that tent.  But wait!  They’re not done.  While there on Amazon, they also decide to pick up a couple of lanterns, and some water repellent for their tent.  You, get a percentage of that total sale, not just the tent, but the total sale from all items they buy.  That’s money in your pockets!!  Even if they decide to not purchase the sleeping bag or that tent, but a nice winter coat catches their eye.  As well as some boots that would look like they were made to go along with that winter coat, so they buy them both!!!  You will still receive a commission from the total sale.  As long as they click on the Amazon link from your website, you earn money from anything they buy!

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Or give your visitors a choice of sleeping bags, made by the same company:

Do the same thing with the tent. And when your writing about your steller camping experience, and you mention all the hiking trails you and your girlfriend checked out and went on, you could get creative making your own advertisements to place on your page.

For him…


And for her…


There are so many possibilities for doing affiliate marketing this way.  So many topics/ideas/niches.  Some examples, video editing hardware, archery, Guns-concealed carrying, pottery, skincare/makeup. I mean I could go on and on. The more passionate you are about something the easier and more enjoyable it is for you to write about, and sell!

You place these ads on your website over the weekend.  And then you return to work on Monday.  While you’re at work, plugging away, your website is earning money by selling those Amazon products.  Pretty cool, huh?  I love it.  What other jobs can you do, that can earn you money, while you’re sleeping???? This is done, hundreds of thousands of times a day by as many people!!!

Selling One Specific Product

Many, many people make good money by selling one particular ‘name-brand’ product.  You can make your website for specific customers.  I wouldn’t be good at this, cause I’m just not that crazy about one thing.  But I know people that do very well, selling this way.

For instance, your website is on Harry Potter.  You could probably go in a few directions with this, but I’m going to go with collectibles because I know there is a big market surrounding it.  I know this because of my husband and our youngest daughter.  And I also know there are millions of people from all over the world that are really into Harry Potter too.

You could write about Harry Potter collectibles.  What you like or don’t like.  Again, you could do reviews.  Many people don’t give writing reviews much thought.  But if you’re a big fan of Harry Potter and over a few months of you writing knowledgeable, interesting and engaging articles, as well as reviews!  Word of mouth amongst other fans of Harry Potter can spread quickly.  You would be very surprised.

Or maybe go with Kiss Collectables. I use to work with a guy that had not 1, but 2 rooms dedicated to everything Kiss. I still see him posting pics about Kiss on Facebook, at least once a month if not more. He’s met all band members, more than once. He is a diehard Kiss fan!!

Check that out!! Can you see how you can make money doing this? The sky is the limit with this kind of affiliate marketing.

I know one guy, big health fanatic, but he’s passionate about it.  He’s big on juicing, so he sells one product.  It’s one particular juicer that is top of the line.  He’s been selling it for years, so he must be doing something right, eh?

There are other ways in which you can make money, and I’m still learning those myself. BUT as soon as I do, you can bet I’ll pass it on to you!!  I’ll make a part 2!!

A Little Interested??

If you are, even a little bit interested in doing any of this, but don’t quite know how to go about it, don’t worry. I’ll fix you up. If you don’t have a website or blog, no need to worry.  You can learn to build a website, and learn to for free. And not only is it for free, but it can be done in less than 30 seconds!!  It took me longer deciding on what template I liked best.

Check everything out by clicking on the banner below.  You do not need to have your debit or credit card ready.  You do not have to agree to any kind of contracts.  Simply provide an email, verify that email, sign in and begin your free training.  Learn how you too, can do any of the money making ideas above, and more.  Are you ready to start learning how??

IF you have any questions that I can answer, please feel free to ask them in the comments below and I’ll answer them ASAP!


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What’s So Great About Working from Home?

I work full time from my home. I know what is great from my end, but I know others like working from home for many other reasons. So I asked. Yes, I know quite a few people that work full time and part time from their homes.  People, just like you and me.  And believe it or not, more are successful, than unsuccessful.

Today I want to focus on the pros. Why it’s kinda cool to be able to not only work from home but from anywhere!  I take my laptop to the mall.  I go to the park with my dog.  I’ve even sat at Starbucks, but that because I needed their free wifi, lol.  I travel a lot, mainly from Indiana to Florida, and I can work anywhere in between. I’ve even worked a bit while relaxing at the beach. I could go on, but let me share why other people have told me about why they like working from their home.

Why Do You Like Working from Home??

    • A more balanced work and personal life.
    • Avoid traffic/rush hour.
    • Be a stay at home mom.
    • Became more disciplined.
    • Become more independent.
    • Being in the comfort of your own surroundings.
    • Can coach my daughter’s soccer team.











  • Can enjoy the weather by taking my work outside.
  • Can get up at 5:50 and be at work by 6:00 with coffee in hand.
  • Can leave in an emergency, instead of having to wait an hour for a licensed replacement worker to show up so I can leave.
  • Can make my own decisions.
  • Can now have dinner ready for the family and I am able to eat with them too!
  • Can stay more focused, on tasks at hand.
  • Can sleep in most mornings.
    work from home jobs, wealthy affiliate, affiliate programs, work from home, be your own boss, free, learn










  • Can eat my lunch and watch “General Hospital”.
  • Can work for as long as I want or as short as I want.
  • Can work from the coffee shop. (pretty much from anywhere)
  • Care for my sick wife/husband/mom/dad/aunt/etc.
  • Casual Friday is all week long.
  • Cuts down on clothing allowance (for work).
  • Create my own pay raises.
    work from home jobs, wealthy affiliate, affiliate programs, work from home, be your own boss, free, learn










  • Created my own work environment.
  • Decorated my office how I wanted.
  • Do not feel obligated to attend boring office parties anymore.
  • Don’t have to shower every morning.
  • Earning a living from home is awesome!
  • Easier to prepare your work week.
  • Easy to run errands.  Don’t have to beg to do a 20-minute errand.
    What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Eat healthier/better.
  • Eat lunch or snack when you want, not at a set hour.
  • Eliminates long commutes.
  • Empowerment!
  • Enjoys the work that they do.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fewer distractions.
    What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Fewer sick days.
  • Flexible scheduling/work hours.
  • Freedom.
  • Get to stay home with my dogs and take them for walks.
  • Have weekends off now.
  • Healthier–no being around others that are sick.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Helps to balance my work and personal life.
  • “Home” can be anywhere in the world.
  • How much money I make is up to me.
  • I can be as creative as I want
  • I can come up with ideas like crazy!
  • I can go on holiday whenever I want for as long as I want.
  • I can go to the sauna once a week when it is quiet.
  • I can start work when I want to.
  • I can work on my laptop even in my bed.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire









  • I determine how much I get paid.
  • I don’t have to drive when bad weather hits.
  • I get to travel.
  • If I get overwhelmed, I can just get up from my chair and go for a quick jog!
  • I get paid on my own merits, efforts, and value!
  • I have a chance to express myself and help others
  • If I need to run to the store I do.
  • I’m in control.
  • I’m already home when hubby comes home from work.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • If I’m sick I can still work in bed.
  • I make the rules.
  • I’m there when the kids come home from school.
  • Increases my motivation as well as production.
  • I’ve made a ton of friends working from home.
  • Keeping in touch – you don’t have everyone physically around you all the time, you become much more aware of the importance of needing to keep in touch.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Learn way more.
  • Learned to be more self-motivated.
  • Less money on office space.
  • Less wear and tear on my vehicle.
  • Managing work and the kids are much easier. I can do a lot more, that I couldn’t before.  No missed school conferences. No missed spelling bees. No missed Father & Daughter days!
  • Mental well-being.
  • More beauty sleep since I don’t have to get up earlier to get ready for work and then drive.
  • More productive.
  • More time with the family/kids–no more missing kids sports/plays/functions.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Much more comfortable working environment.
  • No alarm clock.  Did I say no alarm clock?
  • No annoying co-workers/supervisors/boss.
  • No distractions.
  • No longer having to pay for daycare after school!
  • No more having to ask for time off from work for appointments, school functions, sick days, etc.
  • No need to wear makeup.
  • No office politics!
  • No one is yelling at me to get back to my desk.
  • Not having to go out to a day job when it is cold and snowy and icy!
  • Not having to work outside in the hot/cold/rainy/snowy weather anymore.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Own, your own business.
  • Quieter atmosphere.
  • Reduced environmental stress.
  • Saves time.
  • Saves you money in gas, having to buy dress/office clothes, suits, ties, informs. Dry cleaning. Toll booths. Subway, city bus ferry fare/pass. Lunches or dinners-whether you bring them from home or eat out.
  • One fellow I know tracked his savings, and he saved over $1,000 in 12 months.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire









  • Set realistic/satisfying goals.
  • Showing others it can be done. Especially to those that said I couldn’t.
  • Smoke in your office if you are a smoker.
  • Stays motivated.
  • Structure every work day differently.
  • Take bathroom breaks when I want to, without anyone’s permission.
  • Take my dog on walks, when I take a break.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Tax advantages/tax deductions.
  • The opportunity to make a living from my home and set my our hours!
  • Time for workouts.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You have more control over distractions you may have at home.
  • Your office can be anywhere. One gal has her office in a small section of her closet. She shuts her work away at the end of the day.
    work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire










  • Was able to learn a completely new career.
  • Was able to go back to school.
  • Work in PJ’s.
  • Working on my own but not by myself.
  • Wear whatever I want.
  • Work is on my schedule.
  • Workaround the kids’ school hours. Around your full time or part-time job. In between your college/university classes.

work from home jobs, What's so great about working from home, income to retire, Income2Retire











Does Any of that Sound Good to You?

Does any of these pros above sound good to you? I found a lot I hadn’t even thought of.  And they sound awesome!!  Let me know in my comments section below the top 5 pros that you like best!  I’d be interested to hear.

Can One Really Earn Money, Working from Home?

I wish this could be answered with a flat out, yes, but I can’t.  Not honestly, anyways.  You will need to work hard.  You will have to apply yourself.  If you are determined to make money, while working from home, then do so.  Work this like, you would any other job.  Only harder!!

Set yourself up some goals.  Commit to how much time your willing to give to your business.  YesRight, this will be your business.  Even at first, you can only work it a couple of hours a night.  COMMIT.

You, Will, Have to Learn First

You can take an idea. Any idea/interest/etc.   Something that you know a lot about.  Or wouldn’t mind learning more about.  Is there something your passionate about.  I have a daughter that is so passionate about sports, that’s what she majored in, in college!  I’m sure you get my drift here.  Bottom line is, you want to learn how to make money with your idea.  Right?

Learn to build a website.  And not just any website, but your website.  I can hear you now, “but I don’t know how to build a website.”  That’s cool, neither did I.  Yet, I was able to build me an awesome, website, in less than 30 seconds.  I lie to you not.  You can read for yourself here, but I hope you stay and finish reading. You need absolutely no design skills to build your website.  I can promise you that.

You will also learn ways in which will bring you traffic to your website.  You want people coming to your new website.  But not just any old way, you will learn the proven ways in which to direct a lot of traffic/people to your website.  I know this sounds like an awful lot of learning.  It really isn’t that hard, and you can go at your own pace.  Isn’t it time that you start earning the money you deserve???  Directing people to your website is how you will earn money.  They are who you are selling to.  Or advertising to.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to rank with Google.  And you want to rank with Google and it’s not hard at all.  Did you know that Google directs over 65% of traffic to websites?  There are over 4 billion people online.  That’s more than 4 billion people that can become your potential customers.

Your Revenue Sources are UNLIMITED!!

The fun part about this whole learning process is once you have traffic, you can start selling all kinds of products, without spending any money of yours.  You can learn to do this through what is called affiliate programs.   Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?  It’s ok if you haven’t.  I hadn’t either, but I have learned what it is now, and how it works.  And how I can make money with all these affiliate programs.

There are over 600 millions products in which to choose from.  Are you starting to get a picture now?  That’s over 600 million products and you don’t have to keep one of them as inventory.  Nor will you have to invest a bunch of money buying these products in bulk.  You’ll l learn how to promote these products, on the website that you have built.  Which then will earn you money.  How much you earn is up to you.  Work a little, possibly earn a little.  Work it hard and get some real cash!

Start This Learning for FREE!!

Now, since you probably don’t know anything about affiliate marketing.  How could you tell if it’s the thing for you?  Or if you’ll even like doing it.  So, why don’t you start learning for free??  No money down, no need to give a credit or debit card number.  To begin your Free Starter Membership, all you need is an email address. That’s it.

Then you can log on with that email address and begin to learn — for free.  After the first 10 lessons, you will have your very own website, that you have built.  You will be armed with the knowledge that I’ve mentioned above.  All for free.

Try Those 10 Lessons for Free and THEN Decide

You will get THE BEST training worldwide.  With videos, that take you step by step.  Live chat, where you can go to ask for help. Everything you need is yours for the taking!  Ready?  Let’s do this!!








IF you have any others I’d be glad to add them to the list. Just drop them in the comments, below.

*The above comments I got from friends locally, as well as others at Wealthy Affiliate. 

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Build a Website in Less Than a Minute

Yup, you heard me right. I asked you if you would want to learn to build a website in less than a minute? And it’s simple. Years ago, you could make one, but it took a lot longer. You’ve got to love technology, it has come a long way.

Now, what if I told you, you could build this website, for free? Would you be interested???


A Website for Free?

Yes, for free. There is a company online, called Wealthy Affiliate, and they will show you, step by step, with a video, on how to build a website in less than a minute. Picking out a template that I liked took me longer than actually building my website. The actual website was built in less than 60 seconds. Oh, and remember it is for free, no lies.

After your website is built, you’ll then be taught, again step by step, with a video, and for free, how to customize a menu. If you don’t know what a menu is exactly, don’t worry, that’ll be covered too.

You will learn all about search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. And how to get search engines to direct traffic to your website!

Now, what would you do with your website??? Is there something you’re passionate about?? Health, motorcycle riding, woodworking, going green, crocheting, or maybe cooking? Do you make things?? Jewelry, baby afghans, doghouses, picnic tables, etc. Maybe you sell on eBay or Etsy, and you have an eBay/Etsy store. Imagine the traffic you could direct to your store?? The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with your website. It is YOUR website, right?

After you decide what you’d like to do with your website, remember your still learning for free!! You will be taught how to write content for your website. Without content, what’s the point of having built a website. Again, with videos, and reading, you’ll be taught how to write content that will engage readers that will come to your website. With good content, you’ll have repeating visitors coming back to read future content. If you’re not too great at writing, don’t worry. Because not only will you learn how to write content, but the editor that you use to write that content has a built-in spell checker. I’d be lost without it myself.

This is the template that you will use to write your content in. The template comes in handy. And you see the ABC with the check mark?? That’s your spell checker.


Once, you’re done writing your content you will publish it to your website. After publishing, you will be taken to your dashboard. In the future, if you want to edit an article you have already written, you will do so from your dashboard. You will learn how.  



Now Let’s Make Money with Your Website

Now, that you have a website, how would you like how to learn how to make money with it?? PLEASE keep reading, you are still learning for free here, k? With video’s and text you will be taught “Understanding How to Make Money Online”. (FREE)!!

Before I go any further, I do want to inform you that you will have access to help if you have any questions. There is a Live Chat that you can go into and ask your question. There will be members in there to help you and answer your question. These members want to help you. This help is available 24/7.

There are all kinds of articles available to you–members write about things they’ve learned, share tips, and success stories. This community is like none other, so willing to help you. They actually want to see you succeed!! There is also more training that is done by Wealthy Affiliate members that are successful, and who are making money with their own website(s). Who best to learn from, right?



All the Above Learning IS Free

For F R E E, you will have access to excellent, best in the world, online training with 10 video’s – each video is approx. 30 minutes long. As well as access to written articles. But you also will get:

  • Getting started…a place to start.
  • Understanding how to make money online, with your website.
  • Choosing a niche for your website. (what will your website be about)
  • Building your website, around your niche.
  • Setting up your website.
  • Then will begin to build out your website, including your niche.
  • Getting your website ready for search engines which will then bring you traffic.
  • I’ll make this easier…I’ll post the Level 1 training page:

Level 1, 10 lessons, step by step videos, 24/7 live help. FOR FREE. The training that is available to you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the very best that you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. And it’s free. Where else can you be taught so much, for free? After lesson 10 you will have a website- that you personally customized, with a niche, in order for you to make money on the website you created. You’ll know how to drive traffic to your website. You’ll know how to write interesting and engaging content for your website. You’ll learn about keywords, which I didn’t mention before, but is key for writing content that shows up on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Going Forward

Did you enjoy everything you’ve learned so far?? I think it’s pretty neat if I do say so myself. Would you like to learn more? And there is so much more to learn.

It’s important that you know that this training is done to fit your schedule, not the other way around. If you already work a full time or part-time job, those come first–still have to pay those bills, so work around that schedule. Go as fast or as slow as you want. There was a couple of video’s that I watched twice, cause I didn’t quite catch it the first time. You’ll even get a mentor, that will always be there to help you along the way.  As well as 100s of thousands of members, willing to help!  A true pay it forward community.

If you’re liking what you’re learning, and you can see how you can make money online, and want to continue with Wealthy Affiliate training, that is something you can do. You can now take your free starter membership, and go premium for a fee. Keep in mind though what kind of training you did get for free, the training only gets better. There are 4 more levels of training. If you want to keep learning there is boot camp training that you can also do. I’m currently on phase 2 of boot camp training. It is worth the money to go Premium and have access to everything and more.

The reason for me writing this article now is that there will be a BLACK FRIDAY special that will be going on. I joined for $19 my first month, and then $49 each month after that. I could also go with a yearly membership, that would cost me $359 a year. That price averages to be about $30 a month. Now I am currently going month to month. There is NO contract to sign, EVER! If I wanted to quit tomorrow I could. I went monthly to make sure that Wealthy Affiliate was for me. And in the 4 months of being here, Wealthy Affiliate IS for me. And it can be for YOU as well.



– if you choose to join and go yearly–or thinking about going yearly, which is something that I will be doing as well, do so on our BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Wealthy Affiliate’ yearly membership will only be $299!!! That brings the monthly average down even further…$24.92, that’s a $24.08 savings off the $49 monthly membership fee.

I have been saving up for Black Friday. I’ve made some money last month, and with any this month or use my stashed money, but I will have my $299 yearly membership fee. How cool is that?

Your free starter membership gives you total Premium access as I said to the best #1 training around. Now you can choose to remain a free member, or I hope, you’ll choose to go Premium–at the BLACK FRIDAY $299.00 membership special!!! With dedication and hard work, you have the opportunity to earn back that $299, and more!!!

Start your training today, if you decide to go premium, it’ll only be $19, for that first month. NOW come Black Friday, and you decide to grab that awesome $299.00 deal, the remaining money left of your $19-(cause it won’t be a full month), will go towards the $299.00 fee, bringing that special price even lower!!

You’ll have a week to try out Premium membership, absolutely FREE. If you like what you’re learning and you can see that there is money to be made here, and then you decide to go Premium, you’ll pay $19 for your first month–next Thursday, the 8th. You will continue training, your next level, would be Level 2. In approx. 2 weeks from then, the BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL should begin. Around 2 weeks of your $19, will be applied to your yearly special price of $299. I’ll take paying $299, over $359 any day. What about you?

PS: The option to go monthly will always be available, at $49.00 a month–no contract, and you can quit anytime. But I just had to clue you in on the big savings coming up this Black Friday!!! Spread the word!!!

The difference between free membership (which is always an option), and Premium Membership:


***However you choose to pay for your membership, I want you to know that there are no extra hidden fees!!  I’ll be brutally, honest I kept waiting for that one catch, something to pop up saying I needed to pay more money to access it.  THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL FEES, other than your membership.  Your premium membership is your pass to EVERYTHING that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  No hidden costs!***




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Can You Relate??






















Sound Familiar?

Does any of the above pictures sound familiar? Or do you have your own horror story to tell? I believe every single adult has at least one horror story about their job or a job they once had.

My last job was my horror story job. Instead of including the whole story I’ll give you the very short version. My father was living with a cousin of mine, his niece. My cousin and her partner stole approximately $65,000 from him. Withheld his medicine from him–when he didn’t do what they wanted. Would harass him, bully him abuse him, and more. When I took off from work to get my dad and get his affairs in order, I was basically given 2 choices from my boss–my father, or my job. I came in 2 days later and turned in my store keys. That was 3 years ago.


So Are You Unhappy with Your Job??

Do you have your own horror story? Please share it with us in my comment section below. I am pretty sure many of us can relate to it.

I know that in any job you have to put up with a lot. That’s just life. And most of us do. We have no choice if we want to feed, clothe, have shelter for your family. Not to mention needing money for gas, to get to that crappy job, that you’re unhappy with. We all have bills, so we bite the bullet and go to work every single day.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Some barely make it paycheck to paycheck. I remember living that way. Having to decide what bills got paid that payday, and which could hold off till next payday. It was a constant struggle. It would become so stressful.

We used to go to a grocery store warehouse, cause the groceries were cheaper there. Calculator in hand we would shop. And we always had a budget, as well as a list. Which, we rarely strayed from. Yet many times we would decide to put back one thing or another, cause the girls needed their baby cereal or diapers. It was always a juggling act. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Thank goodness our girls weren’t in school yet, cause there would’ve been no way we could have afforded to school clothes, book rentals, school pictures, fundraisers, etc.

If, only you had just a little bit more money. Just enough so you don’t have to decide between groceries or the light bill.

Are you tired of always having to tell the kid’s no because there just isn’t enough money in your budget for them to play basketball?  Or to go on a field trip to the museum, which afterward they will be eating lunch at McDonald’s, so they need $5.

Ever have this happen? And it almost always happens in between paychecks!!   You are ready to head home after working an 11-hour day, and your car has a flat?? I’ve gotten up in the morning and had that happen. We would dig in the couch cushions, empty out the penny jar, so we’d have enough money to get our tire fixed. You have your fingers crossed, that they can fix it, cause you didn’t find enough $ to buy a retread tire.

I won’t mention the arguments you have with your husband/wife over money, I know you’ve lost count.  But it does take its toll.

OR maybe you don’t mind your job. You enjoy doing what you do and that is fine. No, in fact, that is great, right? But you only wish you got a bit more hours or got paid just a little more. As hard as you work, you should get a raise. But you know. that’s just wishful thinking.


What If You Could…

What if you could work your current job, yet learn another skill? I know. I know..you’re thinking yeah, right! Stay with me here, OK?? What if you could learn another skill, that will teach you how to have your own business?? What if I told you that you could learn this new skill in your spare time?? I can hear you know..spare time?? What is that??

Let’s say you found an hour here and an hour there and before you knew it you had a website built? Yes, you can learn how to build a website, with no experience whatsoever.

Now, with your new website, how would you like to know how YOU, can make money with it??  Yes, you and your website can begin to earn money. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, was able to find a little more ‘spare time’, cause I wanted to make money with my website.

I began to learn about affiliate marketing. And how to get traffic to my website. I had never even heard of affiliate marketing before, but I quickly learned what it was. And I did all of this in my spare time.  On my schedule.  I could go as slow or as fast as I wanted.

So now you have built your very own website. With affiliate marketing, you can now go into business for yourself. And learn how to start making money with your website.

Yes, you are still working your current job, but now you have a dim light at the end of that tunnel.

Working From Home

Now, wait, I failed to mention that all this learning, website building, that you’re doing all of this at home. See, you can find that spare time. Instead of watching that news show, or another re-run of That 70s Show, you can hop online, in your PJ’s and do some work on your business.  Your website;

The money isn’t instant, but that’s why you’re still working your ‘other’ job. BUT with time and dedication, you could actually begin to make enough money, full-time money, which you then, can go in and quit that ‘other’ job.

You get to create your own schedule. No more having to answer to ungrateful bosses. No more having to work with lazy co-workers. You are now working for yourself. For a business that you own. And in affiliate marketing. But you don’t have to do just affiliate marketing. The sky is the limit.

What if I Told You…

Now if I told you, that you can begin this learning for free, would you believe me??? It is true. You will learn, in baby steps, not information overload, how to build a website, learn what keywords are, learn how to bring traffic to your new website and how you can make money with your website….all for free!!! That’s 10 free lessons!

Won’t You Give it a Try?

Give it a try. Do those first 10 lessons for FREE. No credit card is needed, just an email address and you can log in and then begin your free training

See for yourself the information that you can learn, for free. If it’s not for you, walk away. You’ll get no emails asking you to come back. You tried it, now isn’t the time, and that’s it.

BUT if you can see how this venture can pan out and make you money, and you decide to keep going, let’s do this. It can be done.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate platform on the entire Internet. It actually teaches you something. After, your free trial there is a fee. $19 dollars your first month, and $49 every month after.  STOP!  Before you close this window out let me finish. I know if you probably don’t have an extra $49 just lying around, and that’s understandable. I didn’t either.  But I was able to cut back on my frappes, my Starbucks coffee, and my Frosty’s.  But what if you can bring in enough income to start paying for your membership, would you consider doing it then??

You can also pay yearly, which in the long run is way cheaper. Averages to be about $30 a month=$359.  BUT WAIT,  if you join next month, during our Black Friday special, you can join for a year for only $299!!! Between now and then–a little over a month, you can skip a latte or two. Cut back on that soda pop, and actually have enough saved up to join for $299. That’s even a better deal, averaging to be $24.91.  Once you do the free training, you will see that here is the answer to all your problems.  That, you too, like hundreds of thousands of others, can make money online, and gain financial freedom!  I just love that word, ‘financial freedom’.

It can be yours if you are willing to buckle down, apply what you have been taught, and persistence.  Think of the many things you would like to do if you gain financial freedom.  Then use those as your goals to give yourself and your family what is deserved!!!

For that cost, you get continued training. And I don’t mean another 10 lessons, you get way more than that. You have an entire community that will help you. One on one, live training. And THERE ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS!!!! That’s what I was worried about, but nope. I am getting so much training, I have three websites, with earning potential. I’ve already made money off of my first website!

Think of the goals you can set for you and your family. Think about having the money to reach those goals. This is NOT a get rick quick scam. There are PLENTY of people in the Wealthy Affiliate community that are making full time money, and work only for themselves.

AND you can work from anywhere you want!! I’ve taken my laptop to Florida. In fact, it was while I was down there that I came up with my idea for my first site! I’m serious, Wealthy Affiliate is AMAZING!



Start for free today. No commitment, no credit card, nothing for you to lose. Do those free 10 lessons. Build your website, learn amazing information from understandable, short videos. Learn from the members within the community–who are making this work and making money. They want to see you succeed!! It is a community like I’ve never, ever seen. Join for free to see for yourself.

And be sure to look me up! I’m LCEndahl, or you can find me in live chat–where all your questions can and will be answered, by members that are succeeding with their site!. You can read stories that members post. I find those truly inspirational as well as learning something. You can read the success stories. In fact, click here for a quick look on some success stories. They are real!  They are from members that belong to Wealthy Affiliate!!

Just imagine writing your own success story. What would it contain???


JUST GIVE IT A TRY…FOR FREE….click on the banner below and see for yourself….



Special Note; The above images were obtained at “20 Workplace Horror Stories”  and I in no way claim that they are mine, or that I created them.  The largest picture can be click on and taken to the website.  This was what was implied for using the picture.  Be sure to read their full horror stories of the workplace.

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Real-Life Success Stories

wealthy affiliate, supplement income, make money, training, free starter membershipNone of the following posts have been edited in any way.  They are all gotten from Wealthy Affiliate. 

I saved my favorite story for last,  be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page,  you’ll definitely want to read it!

OMG Finally got my First Sale!

Last Update: November 01, 2018

OOOOOHHHH MMMMMYYYYY GOOOOOODDDNNNEEESSS!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! I finally got my first sale! And I have soooo much more work to do on my website! It’s completely clumsy right now, LMBO!

So its been several months and I was on the brink of giving up not thinking I would have time to continue to work on my website between work and my four kids and household and well, just life in general. I actaully have to admit here that I haven’t done anything with my website for aboet, but three weeks now just being bogged down and overwhelmed with life in general!

Today I decided to check out my website and work on it a little and BAM!!!! MY FIRST SALE EVER!!!!

My commissions are only .99 cents but that’s ok! I found something that works for me!!!


Good Luck and don’t give up!




My first $1,000 Month. Cheers to a wonderful October.

Last Update: November 01, 2018

Howdy folks,

Just checking in with another update. October has been an excellent month for me. I spent very little time generating new content and spent a lot of time reworking old content in advance of the holidays as well as to get consistency across my site for tracking.

A few things I did:

  • I added new Amazon tracking codes to all pages with major traffic to identify what’s converting
  • I added new content to several of my posts to improve their quality
  • Chose some better reviewed products to replace other ones
  • I removed old poorly formatted content and restructed it for mobile friendly reading
  • I posted a few new posts, but nothing intended to drive major traffic

Anyway. The one thing that did happen this month is one of my posts really took off. A post I made in May all of a sudden started getting traffic. Google Rank Brain at work I suppose! It probably got randomized to the top and started seeing some success and kept climbing.

Anyway, here’s what you probably want to see, my results for October, fees of $1050 dollars.

And if we look at the year long progression I’ve seen nothing but growth on fees every month now:

But you might notice one big issue there in October. I had barely any traffic/click increases. So basically, my site is converting better than it was before. This is probably due to better product selection and better post formatting.

It’ll be a few months before I really see what happened behind the scenes. But I’ll be keeping an eye on it through Google Analytics and my newly minted Amazon specific tracking IDs.

Anyway, just wanted to share my continued progress so you can see that you can do this too!

If you’re curious about any other numbers here’s a quick rundown:

  • I had 6,406 users visit my site in October
  • About 11% of my users are recurring users
  • I had 9,393 page views in October
  • Bounce Rate of 87.27%

Given this I’ve committed myself to at least 1 new product review focused post every week for the rest of 2018 to try to drive up all of those traffic numbers.

If you have any questions please do let me know! Happy to try to answer!

Kind regards and Happy November to everyone here at WA.



I Received My First Check! (Amazon Niche Site Progress)

Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? How much money can you earn with Amazon Associates? Is it worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018?

I am sure you have all these questions as you begin your online journey.

Based on my personal experience, I can confirm:

  • YES, Amazon affiliate marketing works!
  • YES, it’s worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018 (and beyond)!
  • When it comes to online business and Internet marketing income, the sky’s the limit!

In this post I will cover a bit about my website stats, what inspired me to get started and why am I so excited today 🙂

My Amazon Niche Website: A Bit of Background

You may be wondering:

“When was your website built, how many posts have you written and what are your stats?”

As some of you know I was inspired by Dylan’s post (@dylanrieger) and started my first Amazon niche website in November 2017.

I wasn’t publishing posts like crazy but I still saw improvements in rankings. Slowly but surely, I made my way to the first page in Google.

At the moment I have 37 posts, a few best of posts, a few individual reviews and the rest are how-to posts. I even hired writers to help me with content.

About 5 posts out of these 37 bring the largest chunk of traffic to my website.

Since I am now out of the “Sandbox” period, my traffic is pretty consistent:

I get approximately 150-200 visitors per day (50-60 clicks to Amazon on average).

My last update in June was on how I broke my first $100 in a SINGLE day.

But today, it’s even better:

I received my very FIRST check from Amazon!

That’s so exciting to actually hold that check with your hard-earned commissions!


Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work? (And How I Got Started).

I also have close to $200 made for the month of July sitting on my Amazon account and close $90 already earned as I write this post (which 9 days into August).

So, my progress may be a bit slow by some standards but it sure is upwards!

I think my sales aren’t crazy because I am in the industry of digital technology, where an average cost of the item is $500-600.

So it makes people to think very well before they make a purchase. But if they purchase the very products I promote, I get great commissions ($20-50 per product sold).

I just wish I could have more energy to write posts more regularly.

I outsource mostly how-to posts, reviews and best of posts I write on my own to maintain my voice. (Plus I enjoy doing it which is a bonus).

How I got started with affiliate marketing:

Believe it or not, even though I started my online journey in 2015, I started taking it seriously only a few months ago.

I even had to go through the Online Entrepreneur Training all over again to refresh my memory and make sure I got it all right this time.

Then, this happened:

I came across Dylan’s posts and his training that completely changed my perspective on Amazon affiliate marketing.

Inspired, I built my first Amazon niche website and it has been my main focus since then.

For those who already have basic knowledge on how SEO and affiliate marketing works and wants to take it to the next level, I ENCOURAGE you to check out Dylan’s training “How To Create a 6 Figure Website”.

It’s one of the BEST resources here at Wealthy Affiliate!!!

(Amazon) Affiliate Marketing in 2018: My Advice

Here is the truth:

In order to succeed at ANYTHING in life, you need to have proper guidance, give it some time and obviously put in the work into your project.

I learned it the hard way.

I honestly can say, up until late 2017, I didn’t really take this whole blogging/website/affiliate marketing business seriously.

So, you’ll have to work with your mindset here.

Don’t let your friends, family, society dictate what to do in YOUR life.

Same goes for your training at WA. As starter members, we were given a chance to test-drive an entire platform for free and then when we upgrade, most of us, seem to not take the full advantage of being a Premium member.

My advice:


There’s no secret sauce, really.

You have all you need at your fingertips:

  1. Tools and services
  2. Proper guidance/traning
  3. Community support (just don’t get stuck in the live chat)

Do the training, apply your knowledge in practice and be patient.

Bottom line:

Take full advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Premiere Membership, and start your very own success story!! (10-28-18)



Amazon Bought Me A Volvo

Last Update: July 31, 2018

Hey Folks,

Would you like a little bit of inspiration today?

I wanted to show you what YOU can achieve with hard work and dedication.


Here is a photo of a spare car I just bought (Volvo S40) the other day..

Entirely from Amazon Commissions!

There is no secret sauce to online marketing…

All you need to do is:

  • Proper Niche Research
  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Lots of Content on and Off Your Site
  • Positive Attitude

Now off you go and make some commissions!




Over $35,000 So Far This Year In A Tough Niche

Last Update: April 12, 2018

I wanted to share a little something with you when it comes to content.

When the word content is spoken the first thing most people think of is “text” and I guess that’s only natural.

But there is other content available to use for marketing and the other content I’m talking about would be video content.

Now last year I started in a completely new niche, one I knew ZERO about, and to top ift off this niche is crazy competitive.

So when I started in this niche my plan was to use videos as my primary method of content marketing – not blog posts. I’m a video marketer so I had a good feeling about this. And I was right.

So here’s what I did:

1) I built a website, this site has 8 pages plus the blog. One of those pages is a video page, I’ll explain that in a second.

2) I did a total of 45 posts. My last blog post was May 2014

3) The total number of videos to date (as of this week) is 108 videos. – you can do the added math of how many videos I will have when ever you are reading this at 1 video per week.

I’m currently ranked on the first page of Google between spots 1 and 4 over 63 times (videos). These first page ranking of my videos is always increasing each month.

I’m also ranked on the first page of Google for my domain name and my YouTube channel over 66 times. I got these ranking when the keyword I used for searches did not result in the video itself getting ranked. (yet)

And when people use YouTube as their search engine within this niche many times my videos dominate the whole first page, in fact sometimes the first 10 search results will be all my videos.

The Process I Used

So to create video, oh and I have created a template for the video, this way I can simply replicate the process so all I have to do is voice the video and edit it.

I create a script and then I record the audio within the video template. (I use camtasia)

Now I edit the audio, taking out all the pauses and hum’s and such, basically I clean it up.

Now all my videos are just text videos with graphics added, basically I’m a doing a voice over style video.

Total time to have a finished video on average is 2 hours.

Once the video is done I upload it to my youtube channel. Now every video has been keyword researched so the title is the keyword phrase with a tagline added.

For the description I use the all the content from the script, this gives me a detailed description of over 1000 words.

And of course all the other incidental keywords within that script have the opportunity to get indexed. I also make sure that the URL for my website is the before all the text in the description area so that’s the first thing the spider crawls.

At the end of the description – I add the keyword title – as well as the link to the video itself (brands the video), plus links to my websites video page.

I have had people take my videos and re-upload them as their own, even though the videos have my brand within them. But when that happens I simple put in a copyright infringement notice to youtube and video is usually removed within hours.


I always create a custom thumbnail for the video, more branding but the custom thumbnail is also a BIG call to action to watch the video

I use annotations within the video. These are links within the video the go to my website, which is a online form for people to complete as well I have our 800 number in the video. These are the calls to actions. Most people fill out the online form.

Update: Annotations no longer available to use. You need to use Cards and End Screens to have clickable links in your videos. If you do have annotations in a published video they still work, but you can’t edit them.

I then add my tags making sure I include the keyword title phrase as my first tag, my domain name as my second tag and then I have 10 other keyword tags that I add.

Once the video is uploaded, I then go to my site and remember that video page? I then take the keyword phrase and create a link from my site to the video. So currently there is a list of 108 links, linking to various videos.

I then go to Google webmaster tools and then use the fetch tool and fetch that page.

Now once that’s done I now go to my Google + page that I created for this niche and I then share the video. So I create a short post and then link to the video.

And that’s it. I simply rinse and repeat this process each week with just videos.

And by doing just that, this little site has generated just over $35,000 for this year (2015), I would guess by year end I will be just under $40,000. UPDATE, year end total earnings for 2015 was just over $50,000.

Total time from start to finish including the creation of the video 2 1/2 hours on average.

Here’s another update. As of April of 2016 I now only create a video once every 2 weeks. Because I have such a huge foundation of videos and authority creating a video every 2 weeks is more then enough now. And at the end of 2017, this site earned just over $75,000.

Here’s my point to all this….

When you think content, just don’t think text, there are other variations of content that work just as good if not better than text.

And I say that because I find my videos get ranked faster then regular content does.

I believe in you




My dream has come true, I am finally living my laptop life style.

Last Update: September 01, 2018

It’s true I am finally living my Laptop Lifestyle.

I never in a million years thought I would be able to do this. I have finally got the Villa in Spain for a month September 9th is the day I depart. Until the first week in October. With an extension if I choose to take up on it. The Villa is situated up in the mountains as I prefer peace and quiet. Situated to where I used to live Many years ago. Alhaurin De La Torre.

I am so super excited. I love the real Spanish way of life and I love the Fiesta’s they have. Like the one Below. I could dive into that pot of Paella my favorite dish. :))

I am everything traditional for a Spanish holiday. I love the food and restaurants and family atmosphere. They are brilliant for families. Now I need to brush up on my Spanish it’s a little rusty. I was there last year for three weeks but wasn’t able to afford a villa of my own. This year I can. In fact I can afford more than that because I can stay longer if I like.

That is the view of a beautiful sunset. That looks like pure heaven for me. The below image is a sunset view from over the pool at the front of the villa. Peaceful and tranquil a great setting to work from I am sure you will all agree.

I am leaving with my two teens my husband has to stay home and take care of our dog and he couldn’t get the time off. We didn’t want to leave our dog in a kennel. We couldn’t do that to him. My husband is OK with that bless him. (He didn’t have much choice to be honest hehehe) I shan’t tell him that though.

The truth is my dream wouldn’t have happened without Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the serious truth. Never could I have afforded that and all my extras I have been able to afford like my own Mercedes Convertible. Now I am changing it in for a Great big Range Rover a beast of a car. I have done all of this because of Wealthy Affiliate. I will be working while I am away in Spain too.

What a way to work in beautiful Spain in a beautiful peaceful area with a clear mind. My dream of living the laptop lifestyle has finally come. With absolutely no distractions I don’t see why I won’t get to Vegas now its dropped to 100.

I have so many plans in my mind. A list of things I need to do and improve on. I have ideas for other websites I can build on. My mind is full of ideas and excitement. With Wealthy Affiliate the world really is your Oyster. There is only room now to push forward in my laptop Lifestyle.

I have finally made it to the one main thing I dreamed of was my Spanish Villa in the sun. Who, knows one day I will buy my own one. Why not; everything is possible for me now with Wealthy Affiliate.

I knew instantly this platform at Wealthy Affiliate was a keeper. That’s why I went premium almost immediately. I am sure glad I trusted my instincts, Never in a million years did I think I would do this well. Move over Vegas 2019 I might get there yet woo hoo. That is my next plan and one I will work hard on while in Spain. Highly achievable for us all.

So Just in case you think you can’t do this well let me tell you, Yes you Can! “If” I can any one can. I had a dream and a plan and it worked. I was lucky to have found this platform. So here are my BIG E hugs To Kyle and Carson and of course Jay our training Chief and to your families. Thank you. You have changed my life. Also, to Pribs you invited me here.

Another BIG E HUG to my Wealthy Affiliate Family. For all you’re amazing support and inspiration and tons of help even on my down moments. You have all been fabulous to me. I couldn’t have got this far without you all too.

( I shall keep you up to date with my antics in Spain.)

Of course my forever friends who we don’t get to see or meet. Who work so hard and tirelessly in the background for us all. Site-Support you are all one in a million and I have never had to wait longer than 60 seconds for a reply back from you. You are all stars. Absolutely brilliant all of you.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate Thank you to you all.






ShareASale & January Progress update

Last Update: February 04, 2018

ShareASale is finally starting to put out on a regular basis. This is the first time I’ve seen commissions on all three snaps of their “today at a glance” page.

My site made just over $1,000 in January, down from December but the internet told me to expect that, because of the holiday. I’m still cool with it. February is on track to meet and let’s hope exceed $1,000.I have a feeling things are going to finally start accelerating upwards. I want this thing to make $3,000/month by the end of 2018. That’s a realistic goal.

I’m making myself write or ghost write five articles a month, so at the end of the year I’ll have 100 articles on the blog total.

Thank you to everyone who helps me with comment exchanges and ideas! love you all!




12 months at WA. Worth it?

Last Update: June 26, 2018

I’ve been with WA for 12 months now, and it’s been quite the journey.

If nothing else, I’ve learned a lot about myself, as well as the level of commitment required to build a successful business online.

I’ve made a couple of fundamental and dumb mistakes along the way, so hopefully this post will be useful for others considering Wealthy Affiliate for building a full time business online.

So, a year on… was it all worth it?

Absolutely YES!

But not for the reasons you might think. You see, I originally joined Wealthy Affiliate to take advantage of their great hosting platform. I mean 50 websites for one low annual fee, including all the site security, support and help one could ever need, was an attractive proposition indeed.

Gains for our existing business…

The first website I built from scratch was for our existing accommodation business and, given that WordPress is such a flexible product, our website fully integrates with our booking engine so guests can book accommodation with us directly (which is much better than having to pay hefty fees to the likes of Expedia and Booking.com). My focus over the next year is going to be to build up the content on this site, to drive even more organic traffic to the site, which in turn relates to those much sought after direct bookings through our website.

In the first quarter of this year (Jan-Mar) only 9% of our total bookings came through our own website; compared to the second quarter which has seen an increase to 14% of bookings coming through the site. This represents a tangible saving of in excess of $1,000 in fees to online travel agencies (booking.com, expedia, AA traveler etc). My goal is to increase our direct bookings to 30% over the next 12 months and again, this is a direct saving to our business.

I have achieved this improvement by following the training at WA ~ proof that the certification training here works. I’m applying all my new-found knowledge about SEO and social marketing to our business. My twelve month goal is to achieve 30% of sales directly through our website (saving us about $7k), using the techniques learned at WA; we are well on the way to making this happen.

But what about affiliate marketing? … I hear you ask!

Before I share my results with you, let me share all the biggest thing I did wrong.

I bit off way more than I could chew!

You see, I’m the magpie of all magpies, and I love new shiny objects! Being easily distracted means that I now have about 10 domains and about 6 websites that I am trying to maintain. NOT GOOD.

It’s very hard to remain focused on one path for online success when you’re juggling that many balls. Now I have a couple of niche sites, our business site as well as a Make Money Online site for the WA Bootcamp training.

The worst part of trying to juggle so many sites is that I end up procrastinating about where to prioritize my time and as a result I haven’t created anywhere near enough content on any of the sites to really crank up my affiliate marketing business.

This is a terrible feeling. Every time I have a little win on one of my sites, I’m reminded that if ONLY I COULD FOCUS ON ONE SITE, my results would be much better than they are.

I’ve marked my own score card…

Have you?

There’s a great post here at WA about what to expect from your website… to try to answer that all important question – how long does it take to make money at WA… https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wa-affiliate-bootca

Sure… across all my sites I’ve written more than 100 posts: BUT not on any one site. And that’s important. If I look at all of my sites, my progress is still sitting in that months 1-3 category:

Imagine if I’d put all that effort into a single site. This is where I could be!…

Spreading myself too thin has been the one thing that has impeded my progress with the affiliate side of my business.

If there’s one piece of advice you take from this post, please please don’t make the same mistake as me.

Instead, focus on one niche and ONE website!

Even though my approach has been less than ideal, I’ve still managed to complete the Certification training and am now working my way through the Bootcamp training (as and when time permits).

Believe it or not, despite my haphazard approach (with plenty of stops and starts along the way), I have seen a bit of affiliate income trickle in.

Here’s a wee graph showing my results to date;

  • The green line is the total number of posts / pages I’ve written across three of my websites
  • The red $ line with is the monthly affiliate income earned
  • I have not included any freelance income earned, though it’s worth noting that I’ve picked up a couple of simple web content jobs as a direct result of one of my websites which was worth a couple of grand. Work I probably wouldn’t have secured otherwise.

I’m sure my results would look so much better if all 107 posts were on the one site… not split across three websites… but oh well, we all learn by our mistakes, right?

Do the numbers stack up?

I’ll let you be the judge. To sum up the last twelve months from a pure financial perspective:

  • $1,000 additional OTA fees saved for accommodation business and on track to save $7k annually
  • $ 388 affiliate earnings
  • $2000 related freelance income
  • $3388 actual value (savings & income) in last twelve months

I also took advantage of the black Friday sale, which means that I pay a much lower annual fee, a further saving worth having.

The next twelve months…

Well, I start my new job tomorrow, so that’s going to have an impact on the amount of time I can spend on WA related activities. So the plan is to focus mainly on my niche site as well as our accommodation website. I think it’s important to achieve success with my niche site first, before moving into the MMO niche.

So there you have it.

I hope you found this post interesting along with some insights and learning from my journey.

All the very best,


ps. please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think… would love to hear from you!!




First $75+ Day In Affiliate Marketing!

Last Update: February 03, 2018

Today I made a single sale worth $200 and I got 40% of it. Not bad for my 3rd month here at WA! 🙂




$3000 Dollar Sale

Last Update: February 03, 2018

Every once in a while you get a big sale and today was my biggest yet – it was for $3000. In the last 14 months I’ve made 12 sales that were $1000 or more.

I wouldn’t make every post about products that cost over $1000 but it’s worth it to sprinkle them in from time time. Maybe 1 out of every 10.

You won’t hit on them everyday but when you do it feels very good.




$223.50 Made While In ICU.

Last Update: January 07, 2018

I’ll warn you now that this post my be long so, grab yourself a snack and a cold glass of ice water.

Inspiration to The Newbies

I am writing this post because, with out a shadow of a doubt, one common question that I see is “How much can I make with this program, Wealthy Affiliate?” and “Does it work?”.

Okay, maybe it is two common questions that I see.

I am NOT an Experienced Marketer

To clear any thoughts, I am in No Way an experienced Marketer. Truth is, I barely know what I am doing. I just follow the training. So, this is not one of those stories where I tell you I have this X amount of years of experience. I am a beginner. I have not been online more than 3 months. Just getting my feet wet!

How Long Have I been On The Internet

I have been at WA since 11/20/2017 and went premium on the 11/24/17. Before, WA I was on the internet for almost 30 days.

Those 30 days was spent with a 7 figure coach and mentor, learning to build the right mindset and things like that. So, I never even had the chance to make money or even promote. As, you see that program didn’t work out for me right now. I needed something else, something that I could invest in comfortably and follow along with the training. So, I jumped ship for now and went over here to WA

Anyways, I been with WA for almost 2 months now.

Your Concerns of if This Works

We all have bills to pay, we all have dreams and desires to pursue. We all want to get out of the rat race. Am I right? Of course!

Who would want to work 50 hard years of their life, when you can potentially work 5 hard years and be comfortable. Maybe even be successful.

I Encourage You To Keep Moving Forward

When new members first start out, I noticed that some won’t do anything. I, myself have invited many people to the program. So, many that I have lost count! I don’t even know how to tell how many invites I actually have.

I always try and encourage every new member I come across that has this same question on “how much money can you make, or does this really work” concern to just trust the process. Work as hard as you can and keep moving forward.

The secret is to never give up!

When I see the above questions, I generally respond & just show the new WA member some success post that I find within the WA community. I also try my best in reassuring the member, that “Yes, Of course this can work for you, just follow the training”. “You may not know everything now, but you’ll get ideas along the way”

Did I really know?

But, did I really know that it would work for me? Truth is, I personally did not know myself if it would work for me. Of course, I wanted it to. Of course I have all the determination in the world to want this to work. But, did I really know when or how it would work out?

… No, Truth is NO!…

I knew that it probably could work one day but, what time and how much I didn’t know.

No one knows the timing nor the amount you can make. Not even me!

What I did know was that it worked for some other members by their proof but, would it really work for me. I put my trust in the system. I put my trust in Kyle training’s, I put my trust in the WA members. And, just kept going!

Proof is in the Pudding

Well, last night while I was in the ICU with my daughter I was going through my emails and trying to get them under-control because, it seems like I receive 50 thousands emails a day.

I came across some email telling me that I had an order and it was approved. I was like “What in the World? I have not ordered anything”.

I Forgot About The Email

I ended up forgetting about the email because, I told myself “Well, they must have sent me an email in error”.

I tell my husband about the email and he asked me the same question. “Did you order something?” I said “No, I didn’t.” Then I tell him, “I need to go and check and see what that email is all about before I am charged for something that I did not order.”

I Went and Check the Email

I go and check the email and to my surprise I made a commission while in the ICU. Never in my life would I have thought this would happen.

I am always posting my journey and remaining positive in anything I do. Life could be worst. Appreciate what you have today. I want everyone to win!

This is actually a surprise that I still can not process….

Anyways…Sorry Got a Little Side Track…

This commission check that is now pending is still amazing to me. Yes of course it’s pending but, this is still proof that it works. WA Really Works!

I thought it was an error. I had to email support and they reassured me that it was not an error.

The total Commission is $223.50 made on 01/05/2017 47 days after I signed up with WA. I am not saying this will be the same time for you but I am saying this can be possible..

WA 1ST Commission Update!

I also recently learned that when I first wrote a WA blog post about “I made an $8.00 commission”, that was not all I made. I had a pending yearly commission as well…So, I am still in shock about that.

$8.00 plus $167.00 pending made on 12/31/17. Made after being a member for 41 days

So, does Wealthy Affiliate work? Yes, you bet your bottom dollars it does…

I do not write this post to brag, trust me I am not a bragging person. I write this post because, I know sometimes in life just seeing proof makes you work harder… You can clearly see that I am an ordinary person with No prior experience.

Trust The Process, Even if You Feel Like You Are Doing Things Wrong

The crazy part is the post that I made a commission off of while in ICU, was the very same post that I was going to delete. Why? because, in the training it said to stick to your niche and narrow it down. I wrote this post when I first started out and thought I was following the process right but, as I got further into the training I realized that I went way out of my niche.

So, I was battling with myself if I should keep the post or delete it.

I finally said, “No I will keep the post because, I worked hard on that post and hey it could help someone.” And, apparently it did. I also am glad that I did not erase the post.

I Get This Question A Lot

A lot of people ask me what niche did I go into? Well, truth is I could not narrow a niche down. Yes, of course I have many interest but, I am the type of person, If I know something that can benefit you. I will tell you everything.

So, I had the hardest time figuring out a niche that I can narrow down. Since, I had the hardest time I just went into the Make Money Online Niche.

Did I know how to make money online?

No…absolutely not. I had no clue…nada…no knowledge what so ever. I just knew that in any job you do, most likely you had to start someone where. No one is born an internet marketer knowing how to make money online. I surely wasn’t…So, I went for it…

And now, I can say I have proof that money can be made online, especially following the Wealthy Affiliate process. Amazingly, even with the MMO niche with no prior experience. Of course, always go with your own passion but, if you can not find your passion, hop on over to affiliate boot-camp and lets make it happen.

Take time and think things through when it comes to choosing your niche but, if it is taking longer than a couple of weeks. I do not recommend to keep pondering. Just go for something.

I hope this post as inspired any and all newbies that are in doubt. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

….And, one more thing don’t forget to Hit The Green Like Button.

As, always have an awesome day!





$5k per mo is possible – Follow the training and you’ll get results

Last Update: November 28, 2016

I recently resubbed and I’ve decided to drop a bit of inspiration for anyone who might be needing it.

I’ve been away from WA since last August or so, and some crazy things have happened since then.

What you’re going to see/read shouldn’t be taken as gloating or bragging, but simply as an example of what’s possible (after time) when you follow the training that’s been laid out for you here, and also what could happen if you don’t.

Oh, something to keep in mind before we jump in: It doesn’t really matter what you sell, it matters how you sell it.

When I first joined WA back in 2013, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and zero idea of what was even possible. I thought making $500 /mo in residual income would be expecting too much, boy was I wrong.

Fast forward 3 years, and here’s a screenshot showing my first month earning over $5K using a single site. Anyone who uses Amazon to monetize will probably recognize the graph.

This definitely did not happen over night, it took A LOT of hard work, research, and even failure to achieve. But, whatever the process was, it did eventually happen and that’s the point.Let’s go back the beginning and talk about those failures, though, maybe my experiences in what not to do can save someone some wasted time.

I spent a good year and a half spinning my wheels going absolutely nowhere because I simply wasn’t implementing WA’s training well enough – I thought I could “do things my way” and get away with it, but that was definitely not the case. I started by picking niches where I saw a potential to maybe make some money, instead of something that I was super interested in… First mistake.

On top of thinking I could do things my way (with basically no knowledge of IM), I was working on multiple websites at once while trying to learn at the same time, and hoping to actually go somewhere with them… ha… After being around the industry for a few years now, I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one to get caught up in the “more sites, more money!!!” fallacy in the beginning. Some people can get away with starting like this, but those people are pretty rare.

In hindsight, everything I had done up to this point was basically wrong. I didn’t take the advice which is given here, I only loosely implemented the training, and ultimately wasted lots of time/money in the process.

Hang on now, because this is where things start to get a little more interesting.

SO, I decided to wipe the slate clean and start over again using the very first niche idea I had, one which I was already involved in on a daily basis and really enjoyed – great idea. I also decided that I was only working on this single site while actually taking my time to not only learn everything, but actually implement it correctly as well.

I’m pretty sure that made all the difference, because the first month that site was live, it made a whopping $11, or like 1100% more than my other sites had made (they made nothing). The next month, it made an insane $22 and I was starting to get excited.

Month 3 it made roughly $150 and I almost didn’t know what to do. This was when I started to think this whole IM thing might actually be possible.

Month 4 rolled by, and my earnings dropped. I didn’t lose hope, though, because this IM thing might still be possible. It’s a good thing I didn’t, by month 7 my site pulled in $1401 in commissions purely through Amazon with my only traffic coming from search engines. My mind was blown.

2 months later, $2500, and just a few months after that is when it finally broke $5K, which has been the average for a few months now. Still relying purely on organic traffic.

Since then, I’ve started another site in different niche using the exact same method – the same stuff we’re taught here – and it’s slowly but surely turning into something profitable as well.

Now, this isn’t enough to make anyone rich, not by a long shot. What it is, is proof enough (to me at least) that what is taught here works, but only if you take the time to make sure that everything is done the way it’s actually taught.




It Can Take Awhile To Make Money – But It Does Happen – My Income Climb

Last Update: September 08, 2016

I just wanted to share my income climb. It has been a slow but steady process of getting better at writing, figuring out what works and not giving up. I have been at WA for almost 2 years and I don’t think I will ever leave! I love it here 🙂

I remember when I first started, I searched for proof that people actually made money on here, and the more time I spent here, the more proof I saw. Many people where making money as WA affiliates, but there were others making money in different niches as well.

I make most of my money as an Amazon affiliate. I didn’t start out that way, and my income growth was verrrrry slow. Once I changed my links to Amazon, my sales started to go up and up and up. I still promote other programs, but the majority of the money I make comes from Amazon.

This is my income growth for Amazon from the year 2015:

This is my income for the year 2016 so far:

I am hoping that it just keeps GROWING! I want to make $6000 in one month!!!

Anyways, just wanted to show how possible it is to make decent money at this. And that it does take some time.

All the best,




Success – $2,000 goal hit.

Last Update: April 06, 2016

These posts are a bit awkward for me. I usually try to avoid how much money I make, but since I haven’t posted here for a long time, I decided to reveal where I am at, so you know I am still here and maybe get some inspiration.

It was painful to watch my profile fall in rank by thousands hehehe…

The last month I managed to finally hit one of my $$$ goals that I created a bit over a year back. My first goal was $100 a month (which I was extremely happy for). That I managed to hit somewhere around May 2015.

Next goal was $2K. I did not believe I would hit it even in 2016, but all of a sudden, numbers just kept going up and up (which means there were moments were everything was linear… scary times).

Yes, Amazon is the one that helped me to reach the goal.

Then like $500 is added from other revenue places. So all in all, around $2,100 from one site.

May seem small money for some of you affiliates, but for me, especially in my country, it’s extremely good.

How Did I Achieve it?

Just stick to basics, dude. I made the mistake before of searching for different shortcuts or methods for boosting my posts, but in the end, it won’t really matter as much as creating a lot of original articles. Just follow the instructions here on this website, then suck it up and keep writing.

It’s actually really simple in theory, but for me it was the most difficult thing to master. Keeping my focus on writing is extremely hard with all the distractions on the internet 😛

While writing I sometimes want to go check my mail, go to Youtube, check out Twitch, go eat and watch TV series, go see Reddit, check out adsense, play videogames…

I am young, so I have no work discipline >.<

Then I remember I need to keep writing, and after an hour, distraction cycle repeats. I still struggle with it, but I learn to keep myself steady on task. BTW, meditation helps here. But man oh man it’s difficult when there is so much distraction.

But if you manage to beat that, the main passive income problem is solved. Just keep writing, just keep hustling. One of those days you will hit it.

10k per month, here I come!!




Made $51,755 With An Affiliate Program

Last Update: March 09, 2016

Hey Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to share my success story with anyone that might need some inspiration at Wealthy Affiliate. Before you read this I just want to drive home the point that you need to work and be proactive with your online marketing. There is no magic button; but WA is a great tool to help get you started making money.

I run one of the top web hosting review sites on the net; http://tbwhs.com

I have created a user review community of webmasters that provide their feedback on different web hosting companies that they use. Over the years I have gotten over 900+ reviews left by webmasters on various host (over 500 comments on my blog too).

First, you need to sign up with an affiliate program that has great communication. I always test them out by emailing their affiliate manager. I am testing them to see how responsive they are. Once, I have found a good one I use their service. Make sure it’s top notch quality and then write them up a review.

Then, I start looking for all the other “big names” and write them up an honest review. Some I have previous experience with so I already know what the feedback is on them. Then, I do some outreach by contacting various webmasters and asking them to leave their feedback, ask them to share on social media, and personally thank everyone for their time. I have built some very strong relationships over the years this way.

It takes a lot of hand work, and their were months and months of 12-16 hour work days with little to no return. Finally, at the 1 year period I started to see a steady stream of sales come in. I update my blog and write about WordPress, web design, etc. I add up a new post at least once a week.

Whenever I do outreach with webmasters after they have left a review I send a follow up and tell them they can earn $125 by signing up their clients with my affiliate link. They sign up through my affiliate program as a tier 2 and since I am a power affiliate I want them to succeed, because I benefit from it too.

Hope you make lots of money in 2016!

Garen Arnold




I made over $2000 last month 😀

Last Update: December 03, 2015

November was a really good month:)

I ended up making $2158.67.

Part of that of course was due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but my earnings were fairly consistent throughout the month. It’ll be interesting to see what happens during the Christmas season.

Just thought I’d leave an update.






Month 8 Progress Report: Road to 4 Figures a Month!

Last Update: November 23, 2015

Good day folks!

It’s time for my Month 8 progress inside Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

I actually just came back from visiting my parents in hometown. It is good to relax and have fun without an internet connection for a while.

I only posted 2 piece of content during my 10 days visit. And this is done at my friend’s house borrowing his Wi-fi.

Before going back to hometown, I have drafted the content. So it would be just publishing them + social sharing + fetch as google inside Google Webmaster Tool.

*Quickly Recap Previous Goals from month 6:

  • Reached 200 Posts (not yet)
  • and 28 Pages (not yet)
  • Find 1 Profitable PPC Ad group (fail)
  • $600/mo of passive income (success)

As you can see that some goals are not completed. This is because me doing other things such as learning about Email Marketing, Creating Exit Pop-up and Speeding my site loading time.

The result? I’ve gotten 156 subscribers within 6 weeks.

Not bad!

The idea is to capture the traffic leaving my site. This can be good if you offer free stuff in exchange with their email address. Later on, provide them reasons as to why they should buy a product/service from you. 🙂

The Monetary Achievement

I don’t know about you. But I always love to see people sharing their earning income from the work they have put into. No matter how small or big the results, it proves that this opportunity works!

and here’s mine:

The commissions keep growing although I was away for 10 days! I enjoyed myself with my parents and friends.

This is why Internet Marketing/Online Business gives the freedom you needed. Since my eyes were wide opened, I never stop dreaming myself earning full-time income and work less than 3 hours a day.

And the rest of my time would allow me:

  • Do whatever I want
  • Go wherever I want

The Right Mindset

Great things always come with great responsibility as they say.

Although you can live a convenient lifestyle, it doesn’t mean getting the reward is easy. There are of course certain behaviors you have to change.

It is impossible to earn Millions without learning from those who have achieved it. My best advice would always be Find those who have succeeded, and stick around them!

Also don’t forget to set a CLEAR target. What you truly want in this venture. Would $500 a month be enough? Or $5,000? Maybe $50,000?

YES you can make it if you keep asking your yourself “how”.

Always ask how can I reach $_____ by next month.

Ask how can I get my first sale

Ask how will this stuff can last forever and not die out

Ask how this life would be when you reach your goals.

When you answer those “hows”, no barrier will hold your success. Trust ME! And believe in yourself.

My Next Goals

  • Finding a Ghost Writer
  • Making 10 Internet Marketing related Videos
  • Complete the unfinished tasks from previous report
  • Reach 4-Figures a month in passive income

What’s your Goal in the next 2 months? Let me know below. I would love to hear from you!


Edy Chandra




3rd $1000 month/Girdwood Ski Trip

Last Update: March 28, 2011

Had a great weekend up on the mountain in Girdwood, Alaska. The weather was great and I was able to enjoy some time with my friends and family skiiing. This all took place while my campaigns were running. I love making money and not having to be sitting in front of the computer to do it.

This March is now my 3rd $1000 month. I still can’t believe it but it is possible. I am so, so happy and really look forward to increasing my business and spending more time with the family. I mean what better way to celebrate than to be at a beautiful mountain and enjoying the 40F degree weather while making money.

Please everyone understand it is possible. I wanted to post a few pics from my ski trip and hopefully inspire a few people to keep on writing, posting, blogging whatever you have going on and remember that we are trying to help people.

Please enjoy my few pictures





Saved the best for last!!!!!!





Wealthy Affiliate – Running a Business While Traveling!

Last Update: May 16, 2018, by Howard


Good Day Fellow Wealthy Affiliate Friends!

It has been a great week for Pam and I so far! For those that don’t know us, we are full time RVers who have been on the road since 2008. What does that mean you ask? Well, we live in an RV 24/7, 365, and travel the United States to locations we want to go to and run our business from our RV home!

For a while we work camped. That meant we exchanged work hours in an RV park for our site. It was a way to pay for it with pre-tax dollars. In 2011 I decided to return to running my own business again, from the road, and thought that if I could start a website where I could sell things.

That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate after much searching and investigation. But, I really did not go full steam ahead until 2014 when I decided to launch an RV inspection company, also run from my RV home.

I had my full time RV living website up and running and added the inspection business to it. It has worked well as I have page one rankings in so many related keywords of the RVing niche.

But, today, after an inspection in Nacogdoches TX on Monday, Pam, Lindsey and I decided to head south to the beach on Galveston Island.

This is the RV we examined. It took eight hours, and fluid analysis too (oil and coolant samples taken from motorized components and sent to a lab for analysis).

Isn’t it pretty? Looks good from the picture, right? Well, such was not the case! There were lots of major and minor issues with this RV.

Any way, today, we are here at the beach trying to relax, yet here I am sitting on my computer catching up in WA and deciding to share our story in hopes it might inspire others to greatness.

Here is our RV today:

The beach is just behind us, about a five-minute walk. We took a stroll along the beach yesterday, about two miles down and then back. We wanted to check out the area and find a place to have Happy Hour and snacks today. Here’s what we found:

This is Pleaure Pier on Galveston Island.

Maybe some snacks at Bubba Gump’s in a bit. Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere! LOL

The beaches here are not bad. Destin, FL is better but I do like the flat hard sand that you can walk comfortably on for miles, even drive on and bike on.

Why am I sharing all this?

Well, certainly not to brag about our wonderful lifestyle of freedom and economic success, but to inspire others to the fact that if you work hard enough, and the dream is big enough, you can achieve anything in life you desire!

You see, part of our success is because of what I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate! My website is hosted here, was created here, and is successful in achieving my business goals because of all I learned here!

I have been able to create a lifestyle that I dreamed of back in the late 1980’s. It did not turn out as I had planned, it turned out even better.

So, dream big!

If you don’t already have one, create a dream board by your work area where you can have pictures of all the things you want to do and have. When times get tough, that is what you can look at daydream about. It will inspire you to keep working!

“Thoughts become things!”

Here’s the picture I had on mine back in 1986 when I was making phone calls to get people to join me in Amway.

I envisioned us there and doing exactly what these folks are!

Here’s the first RV I owned. Is it better than the one I dreamed about? It sure was!

We switched over to this in 2015 due to the other was just too big to get to the places we really wanted to go to. Plus, for a full time RVer on the go running, and running a business like we do, a motorized unit works better for us.

So what is the next one? Perhaps this!

Do you think this is on my dream board? Well, my electronic one anyway. Not much room in the RV to have cork boards hanging around.

What do you really want from your Wealthy Affiliate endeavors? Share them here! And not money goals.

Tell us what you would do with the money that will come from your online business. It will help you to keep the dream alive and the reason to work all the extra hours while dealing with your day-to-day issues and things that brought you here in the first place.



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Just What is Affiliate Marketing?

I know when I first started my blog and heard about affiliate marketing, I had never heard of it before. And until writing this article, I never knew the true meaning of it I just learned that it was something in which I can make money. Who doesn’t like to make money, especially if you can work from your home??? So, just what is affiliate marketing??

This is the definition of ‘affiliate marketing:

It is a marketing arrangement between, let’s say a blogger and a retailer that pays you a percentage of commission, getting traffic and sales generated from your website to theirs.

Can Anyone do Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, anyone can do it. Can learn to do it. As long as you have a laptop or PC, and are connected to the internet, you can do this.

In my short time doing this type of work, yes it is work, and you DO make money. It is not a get rich, quick program. There is no such thing of getting rich quick. Believe me, I know plenty of people who tried all sorts of programs that wound up being a scam and taking them for a lot of money!!! If you run across anything promising to make you rich quick, on the internet, beware because it is a scam. And that is all I will say about that.

Most of the folks I’ve has the pleasure of knowing in the affiliate marketing field are from all over the world.  And come from all walks of life. The most common are:

  • Unemployed or laid off
  • Receiving unemployment benefits that’s just not enough to make ends meet, or it has run out
  • Retired individuals (looking to supplement their income)
  • Or those wanting to retire, but cannot afford too
  • College/University Students
  • People looking for a second source of income
  • Vets or disabled vets
  • Disabled individuals (this is where I fit in)
  • School teachers
  • People who are really in debt
  • Minimum wage workers
  • Low salary employees
  • People who would love to quit their job
  • Unhappy with their career
  • Are ready to move on and learn a new career
  • Caregivers
  • Those that still pay a mortgage, or those that are close to losing their house
  • A single parent raising children on their own
  • Those that are looking to work from home
  • People wanting to own their own business and would rather be their own boss.

This is only a few of the people that can, (and do), benefit from affiliate marketing. As I stated previously if you have internet and a PC or laptop, you are good to go. AND, you get to work from home! I know people that do this type of work, while they’re at work. Those that have a lot of downtime within their jobs. Particularly those that work jobs such as desk security, standby/on-call maintenance workers. telephone operators, etc. Others go to the mall, a coffee shop, even the beach, and still work. How many of you can say you do this with your current job?

Can Money be Made, Doing This?

The answer to that is YES. I have seen retailers offer anywhere between 3% (very low end) up to 60%. Some of these commissions are what you call recurring commissions Example: If you set up a website about dating. You can team up with those online dating companies.  There are more out there than I thought.  When a member, goes to a dating site, by clicking on an ad from your website, and signs up to become a member, they usually pay a monthly fee every month and you’ll get a recurring commission every month as well. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there where you can earn recurring commissions like that. One really can not go wrong with affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate programs out there,  I mean millions of them. In every category, you can think of.

How Often Would I have to Work at This?

A lot of people I know still work full-time jobs, so the hours they can dedicate are limited. But that’s the keyword here, dedicate. If you apply the dedication, you’re almost than half-way there. Now, I’ve been nothing but honest with you so far and I’ll continue to do so. You will have to work. And stay with it. Focus on whatever it is your hoping to achieve by doing this–money.  How much money is up to you.  What you put into your business determines how well you do.   Just like with anything else in life.

I’ve seen people start out by making $1.66 a day or even a week doing affiliate marketing. Did that stop them, oh heck no. If anything that fueled them to work harder. Now those very same people are making $3000+ a month. Some, even that much a week. Affiliate marketing can be very. lucrative.  But it won’t happen unless you apply yourself, and work hard.

It’s no different from wanting that promotion at a real job. You apply yourself, focus and work hard for it. Right?? But, sadly, that promotion isn’t always given to the person that works the hardest, and that is very discouraging. I know that feeling firsthand.

But affiliate marketing, you’re in business for yourself. You are your own boss. You are in charge of how far you go. Pick your own hours, but remember what I said, if you don’t apply yourself and work hard, you won’t get anything out of doing this.

Be successful, and getting to work from home, does it get any better than that? In fact, you can take your laptop anywhere you want, and work. Anywhere!!! I travel back and forth between Indiana and Florida. I take my laptop with me and I can work. If I stop at a hotel, I can work for a couple of hours. Or at least answer emails.

OK, let me get back to the above question, how often would I have to at this?  I look at it this way.  I were working a retail job, making minimum wage working in Indiana, $8.25 an hour, and I only put in 8 hours a week, I’d be grossing $66 dollars a week. Not a whole lot is it? The more you apply yourself with affiliate marketing, work hard, as many hours as you can, the more you will get out of this.  It is your business, wouldn’t you like to see it succeed?  Wouldn’t you like to succeed?

I have known people that started building their website, making it look really good. Add a few /articles/posts/pages, joined a few affiliate programs, and put their affiliate links on their pages, and then stopped doing anything else. They’ll get online, look at their site, close that window and head over to Facebook. And they are actually surprised when they’re not making any money. I’ve even asked them, “when was the last time you wrote anything for your blog?” And they’ll say “I dunno, a couple of weeks.” If you put nothing into your business, your business will go nowhere. No different from a 9 to 5 job. Are you starting to see the picture here?? Dedication, hard work, and persistence can bring you what you’re after, money.

The freedom of owning your own business, working from home, being your own boss, can be an awesome feeling. As great as that feeling may be, it is nothing compared to financial freedom! I love saying that, financial freedom. What would that mean for you????

To me, it means, that my husband can retire early. We can afford full coverage health insurance. Pay off our home up north. We can travel. Bought a home, which is paid for, IN FULL, in Florida. We wrote a bucket list, and although we have a lot to check of still, we have been able to check quite a bit off.

But, I Don’t Know How to Build a Website!

I didn’t either. Like I mentioned in the opening of this article, I had never even heard of affiliate marketing. I had spent 18 months searching for jobs that I could from home. I love being on my computer. Being disabled meant I had the time on my hands, but it also meant I had to find something I can do online, that gave me an income. That’s how I know firsthand about how many scams are out there. I know of one person that dished out $9000.00 and has very little if anything to show for it. I did not want to become one of these people. Which is why I searched for 18 months.

I even searched on Indeed, but nothing offered the freedom that I have now.  I had to work in one state or city.  No traveling allowed. I couldn’t work from a laptop it had to be a desktop PC.  You had to have a landline phone, no cell phones,  I couldn’t use WiFi, had to have a landline for the internet.  Too many restrictions, for me.

Anyone Can Learn and do This.

I was online, and I honestly don’t remember what I was doing, but I came across a page that was offering a free starter membership. I instantly did research on it, Wealthy Affiliate. Then I went back and I read what they offered exactly.  What that they were offering for free exactly. They offered me training. Real LIVE training. Training with videos.  And if I got stuck, there is a Live Chat I could post my question in and those in chat would answer my question, almost instantly.  I had a mentor. They taught me to build a website—took maybe 1 minute if that!. You don’t need to know any HTML coding.

With a free starter membership, you will learn so much. How to build your website, which is going to be the foundation of your business. They teach you to understand how you can make money online, with your website. You will learn how to set up your website to be ready for search engines. Which is what will bring traffic to your website. Then you will learn how to write content for your website. Real, interesting, engaging content. Content is key for your website. And you don’t have to even know how to write, you will learn!! The videos explain to you, step by step–might I add, how to add custom menus to your website. The videos will teach you about keywords. Keywords are what a person types into a search engine. And it is what helps you to write your content.

I know this sound like a lot, but you can go at your own pace. One mom I know gets to work about 2 to 3 hours a night. And a half day on Saturday, but she’s learning how to own her own business, from her own home, while her children are in bed sleeping. She’s there for them if they should wake up for any reason.  This can be done!

So What are You Waiting For?

Start your free membership today. It is for 7 days, and you’ll learn and complete the first 10 lessons. Enough to have you build your own website, drive traffic to your website, and how you can make money from it.

No credit or debit cars is needed.  No cash is needed for your starter membership.  You give them an email address, login and begin your training. If you don’t like affiliate marketing. Or find this just isn’t for you, that’s fine. You paid nothing, yet you will walk away with some understanding of affiliate marketing. And that you can be successful with your website. And you have a website, that you built!!!! So, what are you waiting for?? You have absolutely nothing to lose. Click on the banner below, and just read what’s on the landing page. Read it and then decide for yourself.

Take a few days before deciding, no rush. One last thing, and then you can check out the site. You will not find a better training program with as qualified people teaching you, then you will at Wealthy Affiliate. I would not still be there if it wasn’t. Go ahead, click on the banner below.


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Supplement Your Retirement. Even Afford to Retire.

I am Learning to Earn, Working from My Home

Take a few moments of your  time and please read the story that follows:

I work from my own home. For that matter anywhere I can connect to WiFi, I can work. When working at home, I can wear whatever I want. Even my pj’s if that’s what I want. But I usually wear shorts and a tank. Because it’s usually tank and short weather, here in Florida. My point is, no uniform, no heels, no dresses, no pants suits, no suit, and no tie.  No Casual Friday’s either.  Because I can do casual, whenever, I want!  I wear what I’m comfortable in.

I get up in the morning before 9, I let my dog out, start my cup of coffee, make the bed, let my dog back in, and with my coffee in hand, I sit down in my favorite chair and I reflect on my day ahead. What is my aim for that day? Let me share my routine with you.


supplement your retirement, make money, work from home,


► I turn my laptop on (this is usually around 10 that morning):
► I check my 2 email accounts. First off, I delete the emails that do not pertain to me–mostly junk mail. After that, I read all my emails.  Reply to those, waiting for a reply. And finally. I move my emails into their appropriate email folders.
► I get on my affiliate platform and answer any private messages that I might have.
► I go into my back office (it’s on my website platform) and I answer the people that visit my site and left a comment.  This is very important to do.  After all, they took the time to leave you a message, you can reply back.  Answer any questions they may have left.  Thank them for any suggestions or ideas.  And also let them know you appreciate them taking the time to come to your website.
► When I’m done with the above, I usually read a few posts that members from the community post, I get a lot from reading them. They can really inspire me, motivate me, or teach me something I may have not known about.  It usually gets me into the right frame of mind after reading just a few posts.
► I take my dog out for a walk– the only way he’ll go #2. (rolling my eyes)
► When we come back in I usually grab me something to eat for breakfast. I am not a morning person, and it takes a while for my appetite to kick in.
► When done eating I go check out my training. I see what lesson it is I am on and begin. Thus far, I think the longest video I watched has been 26 minutes long, give or take a few. Also, there is reading involved, but that usually reinforces what you just watched in your video. And then there are tasks (I call it homework, haha) that you do. Upon completing a task, you can then check it off. Once all tasks are checked off, you can continue on to your next lesson.
When I have a question I can go into an actual Live Chat and 9 times out of 10 I can get answers, from people. Or they can point in the right direction to get my question answered. I’ve even had several members reach out and message me, taking me under their wing, and not just answering my questions, but sometimes showing me, step by step on how to do it. They are not only very knowledgeable, but they are positive. They want to see you succeed. They encourage you, never tearing you down.  They are sincere and so darn positive!!  Where else can you go for that kind of positive reinforcement???  Honestly, at first, it took me off guard.  I was like, what is going on here.  But soon, I found that it was real!!  And I love surrounding myself with welcoming, positive, successful, kind-hearted, and helpful people.  People from all walks of life. People from all over the world. You have to see this yourself.
► Often, I may write content, an article,  for my website. Usually, this will be one of the tasks in your lesson, but not always. ( I try to write 2 articles a week if not 3.)
Now writing really scared me at first.  I am not a writer and my spelling, well let’s just say it stinks.  Not to worry though, the editor that is provided on the platform I use has spell check and grammar check.  How cool is that??  That is a tool I use with every single article I write. Once I am done with my article, or as some say, a post, I am ready to publish it onto my website.  It is that easy!!  You don’t need any experience at all!!  You will learn!!!
► I’ll proofread/edit the article I just published.  To see how it looks, when a visitor comes to my site and reads it  If I added any kind of links to my post, I make sure they all work.
►I may also need to do some research, either on the article I’m working, or one I will be working on.  This can take as little information or as much as I want.  I usually like finding a bunch of it, then I have more information to read, so that I can then write an article about.
If I haven’t already taken a break, this is when I’ll usually take a break and have my lunch.  Here, at home, in my own kitchen.
After lunch it’s back at it:
► Networking (connecting with those that are striving for the same things that you are, it’s also another way to learn from people that have been doing this longer and are successful)
► Social Media  (these can really help your website grow)
► Read some dashboard articles/posts (whether I’m looking to be motivated, inspired, set straight, learn, etc,  you will find it here!)
► Pay It Forward/Give & Take
About this time, it’s time for dinner.  Again, I usually eat at home, but at least one night a week I like to go out to eat.  And usually with the hubby.
After dinner I usually don’t have much left to do:
Unless I’m still working on an article. then I try to finish it and get it published.  Proofread/edit. Some of my posts take longer to do than others.  (of course some days will differ, but that’s with any job.  And yes, this is my job & I love it!)
If I have no article to finish up than I wrap it up…these are the last things I do before calling it a day:
► Check both my email accounts again.  If I have any notifications of visitors leaving a comment on my site, I’ll reply.  And then I reply to any emails I may have received.
Then I’ll shut off my laptop. Kick back in my recliner and do whatever.
BTW, I didn’t have to fight any rush hour traffic to get home.  Cause, I am already at home!  🙂



Are You Ready to Learn How to Earn for FREE??

Getting Started – includes 10 Lessons, which are free:

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choose a Niche (something you’re really interested in)
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  • Setting Up Yor Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords – The Start of Your Content
  • Congratulations and Your Next Steps

So, Let’s Get Going

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. An online community with hundreds of thousands of members, as well as a tremendous training hub.  It has become the most reputable, highest-rated resource to not only teach you the ropes of digital marketing but teach you to have an online business as well!  Your own online business.

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In a nutshell, this is what you get access to, for free:

  • 1 on 1 coaching
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☝ I tell you what. You try this free membership, for 7 days. And if after those 7 days, if you decide this is not for you, then walk away.  There’s no money to pay. Nothing for you to lose.  In fact, you can walk away with some knowledge you didn’t have when you started. Try the training. Talk and interact with the members. Read the many, many articles. And believe, that financial freedom can be yours!

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