Month: January 2019

Are You Familiar with Keywords?

All of us use Google, Yahoo or Bing when we’re searching.  And we do a lot of searching.  For instance, did you know, that on Google, there are over 40,000 searches per second,?  That figures out to be 3.5 billion searches, within a 24-hour period. Worldwide that’s 1.3 trillion searches a year!   That is an awful […]

Worldwide, 85% of Employees Hate Their Jobs

Are you overworked and underpaid? Taken advantage of?  Unappreciated?  A lot of times it is one’s boss, but they are plenty unhappy with their co-workers as well.  Gallop poll shows that worldwide, 85% of employees hate their jobs.  About two-thirds of Americans don’t feel connected with their job. Often times leading employees to do their […]