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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Laura.  I turned 57 last August. I’m happily married to my best friend.  We’ve been married for 31 years, together 34 years. We’ve raised 3 wonderful, responsible, and hard-working daughters. Vanessa 30, Kelsey 26, and Jessica 25. We are very proud of all 3.


I suffer from PsA, psoriatic arthritis.  An auto-immune disease where my immune system attacks my joints, causing irreparable damage and pain.  I’ve been waiting over 2 years to get on disability.  First 2 times, I was denied.  Now we’re waiting for a hearing.  Which can, and usually does, take 18 months. My 18 months will be up on December 31, 2018.  Which means my court date won’t be set till sometime in 2019.  The last time I spoke with my lawyer, he didn’t sound too promising at all.  Thank goodness my husband is still able to work, or I’d be a whole world of hurt.

Personally not working, not being able to contribute to the household financially, really bothered me.  I felt I had no purpose in life.  I tried finding jobs that weren’t as physical as I had to be, being in retail management. Physically, with every passing year, I was unable to perform as I should.  August 7, 2015, was the last day I worked.  I had no luck in finding a less demanding job.  I was at my wit’s end.

For the last 18 months or so I researched for jobs where I can work from home.  And what I found was a whole lot of scams.  Oh, I would find something that looked promising, and then I’d research it only to find out it was a scam.  I found so many scams.  And I also read where people, like me, like you, were taken for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  It truly is sad how people/companies will take advantage of people struggling financially.

Finally, I found what I was looking for.  Actually more than what I was looking for.  And to be honest with you I cannot remember exactly how I found it, but I am so happy that I did.  I am currently getting training, online. Training that includes how I can earn money online.  It is the best training I’ve seen online, anywhere!  And you can start this training absolutely free!  That’s what got me. I didn’t have to give them any type of payment info to start my free training.  No personal information was asked.  I just gave my email address and started training that day.  It was worth a try!!

Not only did I find awesome training, teaching me to make money, yes real money online.  I got my purpose back!!! That was something I never thought I’d have again.  I’m excited to be learning again.  I mean I look forward to training.  I wake up ready to start my day!  Boy, I thought I’d never say that.



I know there are those looking forward to retiring.  Or have retired.  And for some, finances are really tight.  I know how that is.  Saving for retirement was never really an option for us.  You know how that goes when things just happen and what little you have saved is wiped out.

I want retirement for my husband and for us to be comfortable.  We deserve that much.  We’ve struggled all our lives, for the girls and each other.  But, I didn’t see how we could retire, let alone comfortably, then I found Wealthy Affiliate.  And that changed my whole outlook on our retirement.

Are you wanting to retire and be able to travel?   Sell your current home and buy another elsewhere, in another state or country?   What about going to the Caribbean, Paris, Alaska, Ireland, Down under–Australia, Spain, Italy, or Germany.  Buy that car you’ve always wanted!!   Or do you just want to be able to pay your bills, without having to decide which of your bills could hold off paying for another month?

Are you a college or university student?   Maybe you want to earn some extra cash for those books you have to buy?   Do you want a little spending money?   Money to take your girlfriend out with?   How about getting out of the dorms and renting your own place?   Or are you like our middle daughter, she’s over $49,000 in college debt.  How does 24/7 live support, 365 days a year, sound to you?   You can’t even get that in college!   By the way, how much are you paying again?

Are you single and raising your children alone?  Learn to work from home!  Everything you need to succeed and make money is waiting for you, at Wealthy Affiliate.

Possibly your a stay at home mom, and working from home sounds right up your alley.  You could earn as you learn.  Work your training around YOUR schedule, on your computer or laptop!   It’s truly an ideal way of learning, and being there for your children.

Are you a retired or disabled vet?  But you find yourself wishing you had just a little more cash?   Are you on your computer a lot?   Then this is for people just like you! You have the time, the desire, and the need.   And you spend a few hours a day or a week online.   What if you could learn how to earn when you’re online?

What about all of those outrageous hospital bills or medical bills.   Those pile up so fast.   And so many of them coming in, from doctors you don’t even remember ever meeting–like the anesthesiologist, or the respiratory therapist!   It’s got your head spinning!  I know, I’ve been there.  Wealthy affiliate is just what you need!  It’s free, what can it hurt?   If you decide it’s not for you, you just walk away.   But like myself, once you see the amount of training that is there, and what kind of money you can make by applying that training,  you won’t be going anywhere.   Except, maybe to the bank.

Need I mention that lovely mortgage you have been carrying for the last 25 years?  And because of the recession in 2008, you had to refinance, a couple of times!

If you’re looking at filing bankruptcy, before doing so please read my blog first.  And then you can decide.

Or maybe you’re laid off? Even unemployed.  Oh, how about working your tail off for minimum wage??  That really bites.   Are you looking to make a career change??

Are you like me?  Not healthy enough to be able to work?  Disabled, therefore you cannot work.  Now, what do you do, right?  Keep reading, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Or maybe you would just like to be in business for yourself?  Be your own boss?  Learn something new.  Work from home, from your own computer or laptop!  And be making money?  Enough to where you can quit your job that you hate?  If you said YES to any of the above questions, I ask you…what are you waiting for?

Have you always wanted to learn affiliate marketing?  Here’s your chance!!! Start today, it’s FREE!!!


I want you to experience the financial freedom, that we all want.  The possibilities of that freedom are absolutely endless It is not a pipe dream, you can achieve this.   Build you a website and then turn around and make actual money from your website.  It’s all in the training, they teach you all that you need, to succeed.  Work at it, and apply everything you’ll learn and you will succeed.

I will not lie to you.  That is why I am telling you this up front that this is not a get rich, quick schemes.  You will have to apply yourself.  Learn the training, which takes you step by step on how to build a website–30 seconds, no lie!! They teach the how, the when, and show you.  LIVE training, with REAL people, that WILL help you!  Not tomorrow, not a week from now, but TODAY!  Take just a few more moments of your time and see for yourself what new opportunity lies in wait for you. Just check out my blog.  What can it hurt?

Laura Endahl

Founder of  Income2Retire

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