Are You Familiar with Keywords?

Are You Familiar with Keywords?

January 12, 2019 0 By Chrissie Endahl

All of us use Google, Yahoo or Bing when we’re searching.  And we do a lot of searching.  For instance, did you know, that on Google, there are over 40,000 searches per second,?  That figures out to be 3.5 billion searches, within a 24-hour period. Worldwide that’s 1.3 trillion searches a year!   That is an awful lot of searching.

Are you familiar with keywords?  I mean besides the ones we put into a search engine.  What we type into search engines, are considered keywords.

Believe it or not, keywords are used, in many ways.


Often, people will place keywords in their resume, those that are related to a particular job.  They will insert keywords about their qualified job skills, abilities as well as qualities.  Hiring employers will look for such keywords.

Resumes are not only looked at by people but more often, software plays a part in this process. what are keywords, resume, for websites what are keywords used, what are keywords used for, bloggers, writers The software, quickly scans each resume, for particular ‘keywords’ and if they are not listed, that resume gets eliminated.  Those that qualify are usually passed on to a person in the hiring process.  Remember this if you plan on looking for a job.  Update your resume, and add those keywords!

Don’t know what keywords to use?  Let’s say you are applying for a position as a Customer Service Representative. You would probably use keywords such as customer service, computer skills, customer tracking platforms, data experience, and order entry experience.

If you don’t want your resume to get eliminated, be sure to use keywords that will explain your qualifications.  What skills do you have? Mainly, what would the employer benefit from, if they were to hire you?  That is what I always ask myself.

But Where Can I Find These?

As you can tell by the numbers above, you could use Google.  Bing, or even Yahoo, to hunt for keywords to include into your resume. I am sure what you usually use, will do ok.  But what if you want more than just ‘ok’?   What if you want your resume to stand out?

Then turn to the search engine most pro bloggers use. As well as big companies and small businesses. I’m not a pro-blogger, yet, but it’s where I go to get useful successful keywords. I mean how would you find anything if no one used keywords? No one would notice my little blog if I didn’t target on a few, popular keywords.  Same goes with most anything you find online.  You can bet every article you read has keywords in it.   Otherwise, not very many people would be reading it.

You’ll want to mix your keywords up.  Nothing complicated, but useful. You want to stand out from the rest.  Right?  Then I’d go check out Jaxxy.

What is Jaxxy?

what are keywords, resume, for websites what are keywords used, what are keywords used for, bloggers, writersIt is an industry leading keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers, solely to be used by affiliate marketers.  With Jaxxy keyword research can now be done quickly and with so much more helpful information.  With Jaxxy you can find which keywords work   And then out of those keywords, which of them work the best!!  You can do this much faster with Jaxxy.

It is an incredible, useful tool; you have to check it out.  Do your own search.  Don’t forget to search for keywords such as your skills, industry buzzwords. Certifications. Abilities, and more.  If you use a wide range of keywords, it shows that you have more than enough qualifications for the job at hand.  Be sure to use them throughout your entire resume.  Using the right keywords will help you to beat your competition.  Job hunting, isn’t quite as simple today, as it was, let’s say 15 years ago.  You have to squash your game from the get-go!  Stand out!

Go Ahead, Give It a Try

Are you ready to make an outstanding resume?  Or maybe you’re updating the one you already have, just polishing it up a bit.  Quickly, might I add, don’t forget to use some keywords in your cover letter too!!    Now that your resume is ready to go,  I will bid you good luck. You got this!  I only ask one thing from you, OK? Come back and tell me when you get the job!!  Promise??  Just tell me about it in the comments below! 

Wait, I have a Blog

So you’re a blogger?  Great, so am I, nice to meet you. I assume you use Jaxxy, no?  You’ve never used Jaxxy?  Why?? Jaxxy is the ultimate keyword research tool!  As I mentioned, it is used by many bloggers.  Whether pro or amateur. It is the worlds most advanced keyword tool. Try it; you’ll never use anything else again when researching an article you’re writing.  You will see which keywords are used the most.  As well as competition, traffic, and so much more. I use it with every article I research, every article!

As a blogger, you know how important it is to find the right keyword(s). (SEO, click on the link for more info)  Keywords are what we build our websites/blogs on.  Similar to a foundation for a home.  You wouldn’t skimp on materials if you wanted a substantial house, would you?  No.  But you’ll go with any keyword search engine tool, for your website, blog, book, term paper?

What if your a business/company that is online to make money?  Wouldn’t you want the best keywords, to make you more money?  Dumb question, I know.  When it comes to keywords that pay Jaxxy is the one and the only tool you’ll need. Check out–Jaxxy Lite, or use the search tool above.

Can I Use Jaxxy Too?

Anyone can use Jaxxy.  From every day people like you and I. I mean anyone.  If you’re needing targeted, high ranking keywords,  you can and should use Jaxxy.

See for yourself what Jaxxy can do for you.  You can do 30 keyword searches for free!  There’s no other keyword research tool, I use!

 Jaxxy, Income to retire

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