Build a Website in About 30 Seconds

Build a Website in About 30 Seconds

November 1, 2018 0 By Chrissie Endahl

Yup, you heard me right.  Would you like to learn how to build a website in about 30 seconds?  And it’s simple. Years ago, you could make one, but it took a lot longer. It helped if you knew how to code back then too.  But not today.  You’ve got to love technology, it has come a long way.

Now, what if I told you, you could build this website, for free?  Would you be interested???

A Website for Free?

Yes, for free.  There is a company online, called Wealthy Affiliate, and they will show you, step by step, with video training, on how to build a website in around 30 seconds.  Picking out a template that I liked took me longer than actually building my website.  The actual website was built in about 30 seconds.  Oh, and remember it is for free, no lie.

After your website is built, you’ll then be taught, again step by step, with video training, and for free, how to customize a menu.  If you don’t know what a menu is exactly, don’t worry, that’ll be covered too.

You will learn all about search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.  And how to get search engines to direct traffic to your website!

Now, what would you do with your website?  Is there something you’re passionate about?  Health, motorcycle riding, woodworking, going green, crocheting, or maybe cooking?  Do you make anything??  Jewelry, baby afghans, doghouses, picnic tables, etc. Maybe you sell on eBay or Etsy, and you have an eBay/Etsy store.  Imagine the traffic you could direct to your store?  The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with your website. It is YOUR website, right?

After you decide what you’d like to do with your website, remember your still learning for free!!  You will be taught how to write content for your website.  Without content, what’s the point of having built a website.  Again, with video training, and reading, you’ll be taught how to write content that will engage readers that will come to your website.  With good content, you’ll have repeating visitors coming back to read future content.  If you’re not too great at writing, don’t worry.  Because not only will you learn how to write content, but the editor that you use to write that content has a built-in spell checker.  I’d be lost without it myself.

This is the template that you will use to write your content in.  The template comes in handy.  And you see the ABC with the check mark??  That’s your spell checker.  Corrects all grammar, and punctuation.

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Once, you’re done writing your content you will publish it to your website.  After publishing, you will be taken to your dashboard.  In the future, if you want to edit an article you have already written, you will do so from your dashboard.  You will learn how.  

work from home, learn how, make money online

Now Let’s Make Money with Your Website

Now, that you have a website, now would you like how to learn how to make money with it??  PLEASE keep reading, you are still learning for free here, ok?  With videos and text, you will be taught “Understanding How to Make Money Online”. (FREE)!!

Before I go any further, I do want to inform you that you will have access to help if you have any questions.  There is a Live Chat that you can go into and ask your question.  And there will be members there to help you and answer your questions.  These members want to help you.  This help is available 24/7/365 a year!

There are all kinds of articles available to you–members write about things they’ve learned, share tips, and success stories.  This community is like none other, everyone is so willing to help you.  They actually want to see you succeed!  There is also more training that is done by Wealthy Affiliate members that are successful, and who are making money with their own website(s).  Who best to learn from, than those actually making money with their site, right?

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All The Above Learning IS Free

For F R E E, you will have access to excellent, best in the world, online training with OEC 10 video – each video is approx. 30 minutes long. As well as access to written articles.

Level 1, 10 lessons, step by step videos, 24/7 live help. FOR FREE. The training that is available to you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the very best that you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. And it’s free. Where else can you be taught so much, for free? After lesson 10 you will have a website- that you personally customized, with a niche, in order for you to make money on the website you created. You’ll know how to drive traffic to your website. You’ll know how to write interesting and engaging content for your website. You’ll learn about keywords, which I didn’t mention before, but is key for writing content that shows up on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  But, wait, this is not all you get for free…

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Then you have another 10 lessons in the Bootcamp training. Phase 1 of Bootcamp training.

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That is a total of 20 lessons.  You will have a website after you complete this training.  You will be taught how to write more, interesting & engaging content.  The importance of writing reviews on your site. You will learn all about keywords, how those keywords get you traffic to your site.  You will be taught how to include links.  The importance of periodically backing up your website.  You will be able to configure menus on your website, SEO – (search engine optimization)so that you can get ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  And so much more.  And keep in mind, we’re still learning all of this for free.  I know I keep saying free a lot, I just want to keep reminding you, because where else can you get this much information with only an email address.  No money down, no personal information is asked of you.  Totally, 100% free.  NO strings attached.

Going Forward

Did you enjoy everything you’ve learned so far??  I think it’s pretty neat if I do say so myself.  Would you like to learn more?  And there is so much more to learn.  No just for free, but from the comforts of your own home.  Be sure to check out my article “What’s So Great About Working from Home.”

It is important that you know that this training is done to fit your schedule, not the other way around.  If you already work full time or part-time job, of course, those will come first–you still have to pay those bills, so work around that schedule.  Go as fast or as slow as you want.  There was a couple of videos that I watched twice, cause I didn’t quite catch it the first time.  You’ll even get a mentor, that will always be there to help you along the way.  As well as 100s of thousands of members, willing to help!  A true pay it forward community.

If you’re like what you’re learning, and you can see how you can make money online, and want to continue with Wealthy Affiliate training, that is something you can do.  You can now take your free starter membership, and go premium for a fee.  Keep in mind though what kind of training you did get for free, the training only gets better. There are 4 more levels of OEC training.  As well as 4 more Phases in Bootcamp Training.  That’s over 100 lessons.  Plus WA’s weekly live educational webinar, held every Friday.  I have learned so much from Jay’s Friday webinars, and if I miss one, they’re always available to watch later.  It is worth the money to go Premium and have access to everything and more.  I promise you there are no hidden fees.  I kept expecting them asking for more money and was delightfully surprised that there were none.

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Look at all you get if you decide Premium, this is all yours.  There is NOTHING else that they ask you to pay for.  NOTHING!

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Are you ready to start your week long, free starter membership?  What are you waiting for, click on the Wealthy Affiliate University banner above!

You honestly won’t regret it,
Laura (LCEndahl in the WA community)