Can You Relate?

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Sound Familiar?

Does any of the above pictures sound familiar?  Or do you have your own horror story to tell?  I believe every single adult has at least one horror story about their job or a job they once had.

My last job was my horror story job. Instead of including the whole story I’ll give you the very short version. My father was living with a cousin of mine, his niece. My cousin and her partner stole approximately $65,000 from him. Withheld his medicine from him–when he didn’t do what they wanted. Would harass him, bully him abuse him, and more. When I took off from work to get my dad and get his affairs in order, I was basically given 2 choices from my boss–my father, or my job. I came in 2 days later and turned in my store keys. That was 3 years ago.


So Are You Unhappy with Your Job??

Do you have your own horror story?  Please share it with us in my comment section below.  I am pretty sure many of us can relate to it.

I know that in any job you have to put up with a lot.  That’s just life.  And most of us do.  We have no choice if we want to feed, clothe, & have shelter for your family.  Not to mention needing money for gas, to get to that crappy job, that you’re unhappy with. We all have bills, so we bite the bullet and go to work every single day.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Some barely make it paycheck to paycheck.  I remember living that way.  Having to decide what bills got paid that payday, and which could hold off till next payday.  It was a constant struggle.  It would become so stressful.

We used to go to a grocery store warehouse, cause the groceries were cheaper there.  Calculator in hand we would shop . And we always had a budget, as well as a list.  Which, we rarely strayed from.  Yet many times we would decide to put back one thing or another, cause the girls needed their baby cereal or diapers.  It was always a juggling act.

Thank goodness our girls weren’t in school yet, cause there would’ve been no way we could have afforded to school clothes, book rentals, school pictures, fundraisers, etc.

If, only you had just a little bit more money.  Just enough so you don’t have to decide between groceries or the light bill.

Are you tired of always having to tell the kid’s no because there just isn’t enough money in your budget for them to play basketball this year?  Or to go on a field trip to the museum with their class, which afterward they will be eating lunch at McDonald’s, so they need $5.

Ever have this happen?  And it almost always happens in between paychecks!!   You are ready to head home after working an 11-hour day, and your car has a flat??  I’ve gotten up in the morning and had that happen.  We would dig in the couch cushions, empty out the penny jar, so we’d have enough money to get our tire fixed.  You have your fingers crossed, that they can fix it, cause you didn’t find enough $ to buy a retread tire.

I won’t mention the arguments you have with your husband/wife over money, I know you’ve lost count.  But it does take its toll.

OR maybe you don’t mind your job.  You enjoy doing what you do and that is fine. No, in fact, that is great, right? But you only wish you got a bit more hours or got paid just a little more.  As hard as you work, you should get a raise.  But you know. that’s just wishful thinking.


What If You Could…

What if you could work your current job, yet learn another skill?  I know. I know, you’re thinking yeah, right!  Stay with me here, OK?  What if you could learn another skill, that will teach you how to have your own online business?   What if I told you that you could learn this new skill in your spare time?? I can hear you know..spare time?? What is that??

Let’s say you found an hour here and an hour there and before you knew it you had a website built?  Yes, you can learn how to build a website, with no experience whatsoever.  In fact, it takes about 30 seconds.  No joke.

Now, with your new website, how would you like to know how YOU, can make money with it??   Yes, you and your website can begin to earn money.  I don’t know about you, but I, personally, was able to find a little more ‘spare time’, cause I wanted to make money with my website.

I began to learn about affiliate marketing.  And how to get traffic to my website.  I had never even heard of affiliate marketing before, but I quickly learned what it was. And I did all of this in my spare time.  On my schedule.  I could go as slow or as fast as I wanted.

So now you have built your very own website.  With affiliate marketing, you can now go into business for yourself. And learn how to start making money with your website.

Yes, you are still working your current job, but now you have a dim light at the end of that tunnel.

Working From Home

Now, wait, I failed to mention that all this learning, website building, that you’re doing all of this at home.  See, you can find that spare time. Instead of watching that news show, or another re-run of That 70s Show, you can hop online, in your PJ’s and do some work on your business.  Your website;

The money isn’t instant, but that’s why you’re still working your ‘other’ job. BUT with time and dedication, you could actually begin to make enough money, full-time money, which you then, can go in and quit that ‘other’ job.

You get to create your own schedule. No more having to answer to ungrateful bosses. No more having to work with lazy co-workers. You are now working for yourself. For a business that you own. And in affiliate marketing. But you don’t have to do just affiliate marketing. The sky is the limit.

What if I Told You…

Now if I told you, that you can begin this learning for free, would you believe me?  It is true.  You will learn, in baby steps, not information overload, how to build a website, learn what keywords are, learn how to bring traffic to your new website and how you can make money with your website….all for free!!! That’s 20 free lessons!

Won’t You Give it a Try?

Give it a try.  Do those first 20 lessons for FREE.  No credit card is needed, just an email address and you can log in and then begin your free training

See for yourself the information that you can learn, for free.  If it’s not for you, walk away.  You’ll get no emails asking you to come back. You tried it, now isn’t the time, and that’s it.

BUT if you can see how this venture can pan out and make you money, and you decide to keep going, let’s do this. It can be done.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate platform on the entire Internet.  It actually teaches you something.  After, your free trial there is a fee. $19 dollars your first month, and $49 every month after.  STOP!   Before you close this window out let me finish.  I know if you probably don’t have an extra $49 just lying around, and that’s understandable. I didn’t either.  But I was able to cut back on my frappes, my Starbucks coffee, and my Frosty’s.  But what if you can bring in enough income to start paying for your membership, would you consider doing it then?

You can also pay yearly, which in the long run is way cheaper. Averages to be about $30 a month=$359.   Once you do the free training, you will see that here is the answer to all your problems.  That, you too, like hundreds of thousands of others, can make money online, and gain financial freedom!  I just love that word, ‘financial freedom’.

It can be yours if you are willing to buckle down, apply what you have been taught, and be persistent.  Think of the many things you would like to do when you gain financial freedom.   Then use those as your goals to give yourself and your family what is deserved!!!

For that cost, you get continued training.  And I don’t mean another 20 lessons, you get way over a 100 more than that. You have an entire community that will help you. One on one, live training, every Friday in the live webinar.  The learning is never-ending.   And THERE ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS!  That’s what I was worried about, but nope.  I am getting so much training, I have three websites, with earning potential. I’ve already made money off of my first website!

Think of the goals you can set for you and your family. Think about having the money to reach those goals.  This is NOT a get rich quick scam.  There are PLENTY of people in the Wealthy Affiliate community that is making full-time money and work only for themselves.

AND you can work from anywhere you want!!  I’ve taken my laptop when I go to Florida.  In fact, it was while I was down there that I came up with my idea for my first site!  I’m serious, Wealthy Affiliate is AMAZING!



Start for free today.  No commitment, no credit card, nothing for you to lose.  Do those free 20 lessons.  Build out your website, learn amazing information from understandable, videos.  Learn from the members within the community–who are making this work and making money.  They want to see you succeed!!  It is a community like I’ve never, ever seen. Join for free to see for yourself.

And be sure to look me up!  I’m LCEndahl, or you can find me in live chat–where all your questions can and will be answered, by members that are succeeding with their site!. You can read stories that members post. I find those truly inspirational as well as I learn something new.  You can read the success stories. In fact, click here for a quick look on some success stories. They are real!  They are from members that belong to Wealthy Affiliate, today!

Just imagine writing your own success story. What would it contain???

JUST GIVE IT A TRY…FOR FREE….click on the banner below and see for yourself…




Special Note; The above images were obtained at “20 Workplace Horror Stories”  and I in no way claim that they are mine, or that I created them.  The largest picture can be click on and taken to the website.  This was what was implied for using the picture.  Be sure to read their full horror stories of the workplace.
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15 thoughts on “Can You Relate?

  1. Yes I am unhappy with my job.  Not because of any of what you have listed and no I don’t have a horror story.  Lucky I guess.  I will be leaving my career this August and among other things pursue my affiliate marketing with more time.

    I empathize with those who have experienced any horror stories.

    1. Hi Stew,

      I’m glad you have no horror stories.  It’s quite refreshing.

      And it is great you’ll soon have more time for affiliate marketing.

      I wish you the very best in all you do,

  2. I can definitely relate to being unhappy with my job. I am not super unhappy currently but I know that I don’t want to be here for too long. I am taking steps already with affiliate marketing so I feel like I have a certain plan that is taking me somewhere. 

    What I pity the most is those people that have been living unhappily for years and years and years. I have colleagues who absolutely don’t like their job, they fear of getting fired everyday so they always work like maniacs when the boss is around and yet they don’t do anything about it. I think a big part of getting out of this situation is planning. The right planning is what will get anyone out of a tough situation like this. 

    And I couldn’t agree more. Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to make that happen. But I find a lot of the people are too easy to give up. This is why they never make it out of this box they feel like they’ve been trapped in.

    1. You are totally right Pami.  People expect to make money immediately.  Realistically, I know of no job where you can make money instantly.  If those that quit would commit to it and keep plugging away, it would pay off for them.  

      Hopefully stories like this will give at least one unhappy person hope.  It’s an experience you can’t pass up, since the first 10 lessons are free!

      The very best to your success Pami,

  3. Honestly, some of these quotes are kind of tame compared to the bull stuff that goes down where I work. That is one of the reasons I started my own online business at Wealthy Affiliate.  

    I’ve learned so much, just by starting a free starter account, you get access to a 10 lesson Online Entrepreneur Class that is top notch. It is better than any college class I took, and I have 2 bachelor degrees!

    And the people are professional. It is a community of people who want to help you succeed.

    1. Hi James!

      I totally agree with everything you said about WA.  Sorry that work is such a downer and good luck with your business.

      I wanted to share that when I first came to Wealthy Affiliate, I was taken aback by how positive the community.was  You don’t get that kind of encouragement in the real world.  Or at least I haven’t.  Anyways, after I spent some time within the community I just picked up on that positiveness.  How could you not???  Its is an atmosphere rich with knowledge and people that want to SEE you succeed.  That alone is priceless, to me.  It’s the one place I can go and have my spirits lifted by just reading members posts!!

      Thanks for stopping by James!

      The very, very best to you and your success,

  4. Wow, what a way to go through  Wealthy Affiliate.  As I read your article, I could really relate to the cases there.  I remember I got late once for 30 minutes minutes and when I got to my desk, I got a ‘show cause letter’ to me as to why disciplinary action could not be taken against me. I was so mad, I mean this was my first time to be late and before I could even explain my situation,I was already slapped with a letter!  I am glad that with Wealthy Affiliate I am already setting my retirements plans and the good thing is that I will still be earning! That was an amazing article.

    1. I’m so sorry that happened to you Emmy.  Now see if you slacked off all the time and didn’t pull your weight, nothing probably would’ve been said.  

      I’m really pleased that you liked my article. 

       And yes, WA makes dreams and plans achievable.  I love that!!  The very best for you and your success.

      You take care, and thank you for stopping by!

  5. The working environment is increasingly becoming the worse place to be, I wonder why. The worse feeling ever, is being disregarded by the people you spend 80% of your life with. The results are not immediate, but slowly and steadily, you lose self confidence, purpose, drive to work, and above all, your self esteem.

    How I wished some people are courageous enough to identify those red flags for a toxic work environment, and give themselves a chance by doing something away from that toxic place. The best shot would be to start your business and be your own boss.

    And the platform your recommend, is the best for anyone to start without any prior knowledge needed. Great informative post and thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Hi, I agree with everything you’ve said.  And I too wonder why.  But too toxic. 

      WA is not only a perfect place to start, but the community..oh my, no toxicity there.  Best community ever.  Not only helpful, but so positive.  Everyone wants you to succeed.

      Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your opinion.  I appreciate you.

  6. this post reminded me of my last job I had at Walmart. My boss was very strict never letting us talk, take breaks, and criticized everything we did. On top of all of that, the pay was very bad. 

    After I left there I made a decision to build a business for myself so that I would never have to experience that again. Luckily I did find Wealthy Affiliate, and they have shown me the exact step on how to make my dream a reality. 

    I highly recommend anyone that’s sick of their job, do give WA a shot.

  7. Personally I have not suffered such situations, my wife unfortunately lived in two jobs, there were days when it was so much pain to go to work that when she came home she cried a lot. This type of aggression came from the teachers with whom she was working, and even from her own boss.

    Fortunately, she didn´t remain silent and spoke with the high authorities, but unfortunately that was not enough and she had to give up her work.

    I really hope this type of aggression that people get in their work stop some day and begin to respect people for what they are, and for the help and service they are providing to their company.

    It is very important to read this type of information.

    Thanks and regards.

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry that you wife had to go through all of that.  It just isn’t fair.  Seems as though, those that work really hard get treated like your wife did.  Yet those that don’t do their job, could care less about it, but they get all the breaks.

      I agree with you….hopefully one day this would change.  But honestly, I don’t see that happening.  And that’s why this opportunity is so worth it.

      Thank you for stopping by, Emmanuel,

  8. There are so many crumby things that happen in the workplace.  I really like how you’ve brought this to light to maybe help someone who is in that situation who doesn’t feel like there’s any way to get out.

    Affiliate marketing is an awesome out of a painful, dead-end situation for anyone.  You’ve done a great of explaining in detail what it takes and what’s all involved with starting an affiliate marketing business!

    1. Hi Nicki, I appreciate you stopping by and complimenting my article.  I hope if only one person finds this post and decides to take action, then all is good.

      So many think there is no way out.  Technology is where that out is.

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