Supplement Your Retirement.  Even Afford to Retire.

Supplement Your Retirement. Even Afford to Retire.

September 28, 2018 10 By admin

I am Learning to Earn, Working from My Home

Take a few moments of your  time and please read the story that follows:

I work from my own home. For that matter anywhere I can connect to WiFi, I can work. When working at home, I can wear whatever I want. Even my pj’s if that’s what I want. But I usually wear shorts and a tank. Because it’s usually tank and short weather, here in Florida. My point is, no uniform, no heels, no dresses, no pants suits, no suit, and no tie.  No Casual Friday’s either.  Because I can do casual, whenever, I want!  I wear what I’m comfortable in.

I get up in the morning before 9, I let my dog out, start my cup of coffee, make the bed, let my dog back in, and with my coffee in hand, I sit down in my favorite chair and I reflect on my day ahead. What is my aim for that day? Let me share my routine with you.


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► I turn my laptop on (this is usually around 10 that morning):
► I check my 2 email accounts. First off, I delete the emails that do not pertain to me–mostly junk mail. After that, I read all my emails.  Reply to those, waiting for a reply. And finally. I move my emails into their appropriate email folders.
► I get on my affiliate platform and answer any private messages that I might have.
► I go into my back office (it’s on my website platform) and I answer the people that visit my site and left a comment.  This is very important to do.  After all, they took the time to leave you a message, you can reply back.  Answer any questions they may have left.  Thank them for any suggestions or ideas.  And also let them know you appreciate them taking the time to come to your website.
► When I’m done with the above, I usually read a few posts that members from the community post, I get a lot from reading them. They can really inspire me, motivate me, or teach me something I may have not known about.  It usually gets me into the right frame of mind after reading just a few posts.
► I take my dog out for a walk– the only way he’ll go #2. (rolling my eyes)
► When we come back in I usually grab me something to eat for breakfast. I am not a morning person, and it takes a while for my appetite to kick in.
► When done eating I go check out my training. I see what lesson it is I am on and begin. Thus far, I think the longest video I watched has been 26 minutes long, give or take a few. Also, there is reading involved, but that usually reinforces what you just watched in your video. And then there are tasks (I call it homework, haha) that you do. Upon completing a task, you can then check it off. Once all tasks are checked off, you can continue on to your next lesson.
When I have a question I can go into an actual Live Chat and 9 times out of 10 I can get answers, from people. Or they can point in the right direction to get my question answered. I’ve even had several members reach out and message me, taking me under their wing, and not just answering my questions, but sometimes showing me, step by step on how to do it. They are not only very knowledgeable, but they are positive. They want to see you succeed. They encourage you, never tearing you down.  They are sincere and so darn positive!!  Where else can you go for that kind of positive reinforcement???  Honestly, at first, it took me off guard.  I was like, what is going on here.  But soon, I found that it was real!!  And I love surrounding myself with welcoming, positive, successful, kind-hearted, and helpful people.  People from all walks of life. People from all over the world. You have to see this yourself.
► Often, I may write content, an article,  for my website. Usually, this will be one of the tasks in your lesson, but not always. ( I try to write 2 articles a week if not 3.)
Now writing really scared me at first.  I am not a writer and my spelling, well let’s just say it stinks.  Not to worry though, the editor that is provided on the platform I use has spell check and grammar check.  How cool is that??  That is a tool I use with every single article I write. Once I am done with my article, or as some say, a post, I am ready to publish it onto my website.  It is that easy!!  You don’t need any experience at all!!  You will learn!!!
► I’ll proofread/edit the article I just published.  To see how it looks, when a visitor comes to my site and reads it  If I added any kind of links to my post, I make sure they all work.
►I may also need to do some research, either on the article I’m working, or one I will be working on.  This can take as little information or as much as I want.  I usually like finding a bunch of it, then I have more information to read, so that I can then write an article about.
If I haven’t already taken a break, this is when I’ll usually take a break and have my lunch.  Here, at home, in my own kitchen.
After lunch it’s back at it:
► Networking (connecting with those that are striving for the same things that you are, it’s also another way to learn from people that have been doing this longer and are successful)
► Social Media  (these can really help your website grow)
► Read some dashboard articles/posts (whether I’m looking to be motivated, inspired, set straight, learn, etc,  you will find it here!)
► Pay It Forward/Give & Take
About this time, it’s time for dinner.  Again, I usually eat at home, but at least one night a week I like to go out to eat.  And usually with the hubby.
After dinner I usually don’t have much left to do:
Unless I’m still working on an article. then I try to finish it and get it published.  Proofread/edit. Some of my posts take longer to do than others.  (of course some days will differ, but that’s with any job.  And yes, this is my job & I love it!)
If I have no article to finish up than I wrap it up…these are the last things I do before calling it a day:
► Check both my email accounts again.  If I have any notifications of visitors leaving a comment on my site, I’ll reply.  And then I reply to any emails I may have received.
Then I’ll shut off my laptop. Kick back in my recliner and do whatever.
BTW, I didn’t have to fight any rush hour traffic to get home.  Cause, I am already at home!  🙂



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