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Are you a retiree?  And after 6 months, maybe a year, the excitement of retirement has worn off.  Are you bored? Feel as if you’ve lost your purpose in your life?  Do you find that you actually miss working?  Then this article is for you.

I want to give you small business opportunities, some that you can even do part-time from your home.  That can give you a little or a lot of extra income.  Whatever suits your needs.

Part Time Business Opportunities for Couples

My father and his second wife did in-home health care.  They both got certified and then 3 affiliate marketing, work from home, start your own business, work from home, be your own bossdays a week, sometimes 4, they would go into a client’s home and help with the bathing and washing hair for a client.  Maybe help them to dress.  While the other would do the dishes, laundry, and housekeeping.  If needed they would either go grocery shopping or take their client to help them grocery shop.  They did other things as well.  No, they did not get rich by doing this, but it gave them something to do, and do together.  As well as it gave them extra cash to go camping.  They were big on camping. They’ve gone to places like Suwannee River FL, Gear Sand Dunes National Park CO, Cayo Costa State Park FL, Cloudland State Park GA, Brown County State Park IN, and many, many more.  Those are just the few that I remember.

I know a couple, I used to work with the wife.  They, John and Peggy, moved down to Florida, from up north, and are in the process of starting a fishing boat tour/rental.  A group of people can rent their services and be taken out to all the popular fishing sites to fish for the day.  But they also get served a delicious lunch that is served to them, as well as drinks or cocktails.  It’s all done professionally, and top-notch.  Because they have done extensive research on this business, they know they can make a lucrative living.  They can work about 7 months out of the year, and they are off the other 5 months, they can travel.  They go up north and visit family.  Or have the grandkids come down and spend Christmas with grandma and grandpaw. They are free for 5 months to live out their golden years as they dreamed.

affiliate marketing, work from home, start your own business, wealthy affiliate, work from home, be your own bossAnother couple I know, live way, way out in the country and they own horses.  At times they board horses for other people.  And take care of them.  From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day weekend, they take groups of people horseback riding.  They own about 65 acres and have many trails, for different distances of rides.  They really love their horses, and really love what they do.

Another couple in the neighborhood do lawn care,  Of course, this is seasonal, but it pretty much works out for Denise, who has summers off, for she is a 6th-grade teacher. Her husband is semi-retired, and he helps out, as well.


Some of these can be done by one or two people, totally up to you.  Maybe you and your partner agree to take a break from one another.  While you’re doing your part-time gig/job the other can be getting their hair done/ or golfing.  The below ideas aren’t necessarily small business opportunities, but they do bring in a little extra cash.

  • after school care or picking kids up after school (or full time if that’s what you want)
  • delivering pizzas
  • dog grooming
  • dog walking
  • homeopathic/herbs/CBD oil
  • house cleaning
  • house sitting
  • pet sitting or training
  • snow removal (if you’re able)
  • tax preparation
  • uber
  • wine


This opportunity will take more of a commitment, and time, but can be a very affiliate marketing, work from home, start your own business, wealthy affiliate, work from home, be your own bosslucrative living if you’re the right kind of person for this.  I would suggest that whatever you decide on selling, that you do some research to make sure there is a market for it. Usually the bigger the market, the more competition there is.

  • art
  • candles/scents
  • diet or fitness
  • jewelry
  • kitchenware
  • makeup
  • organizing services and or products
  • purses

This list can go on.  Like I already mentioned, do the research.  There are literally 1000’s of part-time or full-time businesses out there.


You can also incorporate any of the businesses above.  You can advertise and/or schedule from your blog.  For example, you can do a blog regarding your lawn care business.  It is important to write articles/content on your blog.  You can write about which flowers grow better in low light, which does good in full sun.  Lawn seed, sprinklers, mulch, trees, I mean this topic is not only huge but has changed each year.  And if this is something you’re passionate about, that you enjoy doing, then writing about it will be easy for you.  You can also do reviews on any products you mention.  Especially if you used them on clients lawns or your own. Lawn care is excellent for, what is called a ‘niche’.

You can also do what is called affiliate marketing from these blogs. By joining other companies affiliate programs you can sell their products on your blog.  Going back to the example of lawn care, you can write reviews on different grass seed you tried this affiliate marketing, work from home, start your own business, wealthy affiliate, work from home, be your own bosssummer.  Brand A and maybe it wasn’t that great, but brand B that you tried afterward, you really liked. Well, do a review on that first product. Then one on the product you liked.  If you join an affiliate group that has an affiliate program, you can add links in the second review–to said product, and any sales that you generate, you get a commission from.

Don’t know anything about blogging or affiliate marketing?  That’s OK.

Affiliate Marketing

The kind of affiliate marketing I do is where I join stores’/companies’ affiliate programs.  If your niche/topic is on, lawn care, you could join Amazons affiliate program and have links on that second review you wrote, readers click on the link, read what other customers say about the product.  And they decide to buy it.  And they have a huge yard, so they buy 8 bags.  You will get a commission of the sale price, for all 8 bags!  Are you starting to get the idea??

If you’re interested in starting a small business of your own, you can do that.  With affiliate marketing, you have no big investment that you would need to buy a large number of products.  You don’t have to store those products or do inventory.  No need to pack it up and run to the post office to mail it.  The company, whose affiliate program you joined, will do all of that for you.  That’s what is so great about affiliate marketing.

Learn and Earn with Wealthy Affiliate

There is this program, that you can join for absolutely nothing.  You get 10 lessons in Level 1 training.  When you are done with this training, you will have yourself a blog.  Another 10 lessons in phase 1 of the boot camp training, is your next step in your free training.  So that is 20 lessons of FREE.  All you need is an email address, verify it, and begin your training.  You will learn how to write content/articles for your blog.  Understand what SEO is and how to drive traffic to your blog.  Learn about keywords-those are important to driving traffic to your website, and ranking higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The higher you rank on those search engines, the more traffic you drive to your blog.

It’s not only interesting to learn, but anyone can do it.  You have access to 20 lessons and all the tools you need in which to build a blog.  If you don’t have experience, you’ll learn.  There are weekly live coaching that is held every Friday. You have 24/7 live help, 365 days a year.  A community that is very supportive of you.  You can join Live Chat, where you can ask any questions you may have, and get answers.  There is member training as well.  The knowledge that is available is tremendous.

And if you decide this is for you, which I’m sure you will, you can join a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, for only $49.00 a month.  Which, averages out to be $1.58 a day. Or you can go yearly for $359.00 a year.  I know that sounds like an awful lot of money, but that breaks down to $29.92 a month, making it .97 cents a day.  Ask yourself, can I afford to invest that much into a business that I can learn, and then earn a part-time, or full-time income?  You’re not only investing in your business, but you’re also investing in yourself, and your financial future.   Work hard and treat this like a real business and you can earn a passive income.  Just imagine what a passive income would do for you, and your partner, your entire family.  This is a business that can be passed down to further generations.

For 7 days, do the 20 lessons.  Build your blog.  Find your niche.  Learn how to make money with your niche, drive traffic, use keywords, write content, and learn all about affiliate marketing.  Go into Live Chat, ask your questions, and connect with the people.  Who best to learn from, then those that are doing it and are successful at it?  Read the posts that members have written.  I particularly love the success stories–(read about the success stories!) Those are what keeps me fueled to continue on.

Yes, I’m still training.  I have 3 blogs, and in all, I do some sort of affiliate marketing. And yes, I have earned money from my main blog.  No doubt, this does work!  I will be a success at this because I’m not quitting until I am successful.  My goal is to be able to afford good, full coverage health insurance for my husband I.  Then my husband can retire early.  He’s only working so that we still have health insurance.  He’s worked very hard to provide for his family.  He’s sometimes worked 6 days a week, and out of town, away from his family, and a lot.  I believe he deserves to retire early and do the many things we’ve talked about doing, once we’ve retired.

Think of what goals you would like to accomplish because it can be done with affiliate marketing.  Dream a little, I have.  One more thing, with affiliate marketing you have access to over 4 BILLION people who have access to high-speed internet!  Those people are online, searching and buying–every single day.


Let’s break that number down, 40,000 searches every second.  That’s over 3 billion searches a day.  1.2 trillion searches per year!!  Searches that can lead people to your site, get valuable information, can become a potential customer, for you!
You can check out these figures, here for yourself, on who?  Google.  And guess what?  Ans these figures, doesn’t include Bing or Yahoo search engines.


Remember all you need to join Wealthy Affiliate started program is your email address.  That’s it.  Then begin learning for free!


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If you choose to go Premium during the first 7 days of your training, I will give you a 49%  bonus, on your first month’s membership.  Instead of the $49 for your first month, you only pay $19.  Take a look at what a Premium will offer.  And keep in my there will be no one asking you for more money to train.  Everything is included.

Ask me about your bonus when you join, I’m LCEndahl, in the WA community.  I’ll be sure you get it!

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8 comments on Small Business Opportunities

  1. Very interesting. Although I am not nearing retirement for another 19 years, I can only imagine what that would truly look like. I was raised by a business operator and my mother went back to school & work when I was around 12 years old (i.e., I am the youngest of four and trust me my mom had a full time job as a stay at home parent). Anyway, I witnessed their relationship when they semi-retired. I think it may have been an adjustment for both. These are great ideas for part time work or business interests when we do decide to retire. Actually, I love the idea and romance of chartering a boat in a resort town sharing my love of the coast with others. Hopefully, my next wife will too. We shall see. Being an entrepreneur myself and intrigued with the cyber economy and how I can get my peace or at least utilize the media to help grow my service business, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. So far, I have learned new skills that I used to sub contract and pay a great deal of money to have a website. Now, I do this all on my own and very much enjoy the process. Thanks for writing this article.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Start saving for retirement now. I have 3 grown daughters and I can’t get any of them to put money aside for their retirement. But I remember the age and how far off retirement felt.

      I love the Gulf Coast down in Florida. On our bucket list is to hit every public beach, along the coast.

      The very best to your online business and thank you for stopping by!

  2. wow love ur article very interesting to read, ive been looking for something to do as a full-time job besides my current day job and I found ur post which really helped me add a few different options to add to my list of ideas so thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Casey,

      I’m glad you liked this article and you got some info from it. Check Wealthy Affiliate out, just try it for the free membership. Then decide for yourself. You can work this to work around your other day job.

      The very best to you,

  3. Thank you for this article. Often I consider doing tax-prep (and grow from there) because I am concerned about finances for young and middle-aged people. I’d like for them to learn to budget and have as much money in their pockets.

    However, I am skeptical about affiliate marketing. I’m told that takes a lot of work. I don’t know if I want to spend my golden years working 2-5 years to finally make money. Do you have an opinion on this?

    1. I am in my golden years. But, my husband still works, for insurance reasons. So, my goal is to be able to afford private, full-coverage health insurance. and then my hubby can retire early.

      I have friends that are 70, 72 and older. It’s good to be leary, but after researching, you will find that Wealthy Affiliate is totally legit.

      Thank you for stopping by, Lane,

  4. Hi Laura,

    Great ways to earn extra income, and i too am taking advantage of WA and as you said investing in myself. Also like you I am going to do great, because I am going to keep going until it is. However that is not difficult there because it is such great training and fun sharing with others on the same journey.Thanks for an informative post Laura.

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