Worldwide, 85% of Employees Hate Their Jobs

Are you overworked and underpaid? Taken advantage of?  Unappreciated?  A lot of times it is one’s boss, but they are plenty unhappy with their co-workers as well.  Gallop poll shows that worldwide, 85% of employees hate their jobs.  About two-thirds of Americans don’t feel connected with their job. Often times leading employees to do their bare minimum at their jobs. Leaving your co-workers have to pick up the slack. Or worse, they go to your supervisor to complain, even to your boss.

Many times your higher-ups, supervisors, etc. are in their position but have rarely gotten properly trained, so that they can do their job correctly and efficiently.

It’s been said that around 70% of Americans are unhappy with their current employment.  And those reasons can be many.  Are you happy with your job?  Please let me know why you are unhappy with your job, in the comments below.



The reasons can be many.  And I’m sure that you can relate to a couple of them, if not more.  I know that today’s employers are considerably different from those 15, 20, 25, even 30 years ago.  There was a time when employers actually appreciated those of their employers that went above and beyond.

From my own experience, I have seen that those that actually did their job and more, usually were the ones stuck picking up the slack from other employees, that wasn’t quite so driven.  Nothing is done about it, so the one being overworked becomes dissatisfied with their job.  Or disengaged.  While the one not doing their share of the work, goes unpunished and, continues to do as little as possible.

Being in management positions myself, in retail, I would never ask my employees to do a job that I myself, would not do.  I learned that from a manager at Kohls.  She never hesitated to join in and work right belong aside us.  I remember thinking how cool that was. I had never worked with an employer like that before.  I found whole new respect for that manager.


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Are treated unfairly and without consideration of their employee’s personal life.  Having to work, and unable to attend your children’s open house at their school, making it three years in a row now.  Or having to miss a Christmas concert of theirs.  Not being able to attend Aunt Beth’s funeral, because she’s not considered ‘immediate family’.

Being overworked and underpaid.  That’s where the feeling of being unappreciated comes in.


Having an ungrateful, deceitful, bullying, tyrant of a supervisor, or worse, a boss.

Job insecurity.

Mistreated verbally.

No respect from management or co-workers. You are treated poorly and sometimes unfair.  Whatever the reason is, respect is lacking, and that makes an employee unsatisfied and disengaging.

Overlooked for a promotion, that you were more than qualified for, over the last three years.

The lack of having the tools that are needed, to perform your job.  Equipment, information, etc., and their complaints usually go unheard.  Or they get a good tongue lashing, usually in front of their co-workers.

They always have to constantly watch what they say or what they do, in constant fear of reprimand for the slightest issue.  Or possibly fired for any reason. Unfair treatment.

They feel they have gone as far as they can in their job, but your boss continues to promise you, that you’re next in line.

Tired of having to deal with politics, within the company.

You are tired of having to do other employees work, repeatedly.

Unfulfilled with their job.  They no longer feel challenged in what they do and have become bored.  The passion is gone!  So they check out, so to say.

This list is just a few reasons I found on the internet.  I know that are many, many more.  But you get my drift.


hate your job, unhappy, quitting, looking for employment


Why Don’t You Quit Then?

There are just as many reasons why you don’t or can’t quit your job.  For most, it’s not that easy.  The most common, of course, is:

  1. You have children to raise.
  2. You and/or your spouse have a mortgage to pay. Or rent.
  3. You want to be able to feed everyone,
  4. As well as keeping a roof over their heads.
  5. You have bills to pay, that’s just part of life.
  6. Paying off student loans.

This list can go on and on. But, again, you get my drift.


Another job

Have you been thinking of finding a better job?   Have you started looking yet?  I first want to say that at times, the grass always looks greener on the other side.  And you may wind up getting into a new job, to only find that things are no different from your previous job.  Or even worse, it is worse!   So how can you avoid this?  Research, and then more research.  You can usually find past workers reviews on places of employment.  I want to say some of the job search sites has them as well.

If you are determined to find a new job, good for you.  You know your value, and you know you’re not being valued at your current job.

In some cases, if your boss knows that you are currently seeking employment elsewhere, at that time they may become more willing to negotiate and meet your demands, as long as they are reasonable.  But do not go in and tell your boss yet, that you are looking for work elsewhere, because that can also backfire.  You know your circumstance and go with your gut feeling.   Personally, I would have a job or two lined up, and then mention it to your boss.

Let me help you if you’re thinking about quitting your job.  Do not do anything rash.  It’s best that you have a plan in place.  I believe for each individual, that plan will differ.  But having one in place is best, then going at it without one.

Call it experience and having to move in with an ex-roommate, for 9 months.  You have to do this because you don’t have enough in savings to live off of, till you find work.  After the first couple of months, you start remembering why that person was an EX roommate.  Could it get any worse?  Actually, it can.

Let’s Make a Plan

hate your job, unhappy, quitting, looking for employmentLet me suggest a few plans that you really want to consider in your plan.  I think it is important that you stay at your current job if circumstances permit that you can.  Future employers prefer hiring individuals that are currently working, then not.  The longer you are unemployed, the harder it is to find a job.

Plan, that when you leave you’re going to leave with grace.  Don’t give anyone the satisfaction, that they’re the reason or one of the reasons,  you’re leaving.  Take the higher road, if possible.

Make a financial plan for at least 6 months, a year if you can afford it.  Having enough money till you get situated within your new job, just makes it one less thing to worry about.  If you don’t have a lot of money, just plan what is essential to be paid first.  And what can wait a month or two?   Keep in mind those finances/bills that you’ve decided to wait on, will have to be caught up eventually.  Once, we fell behind on my car payments, I called the finance company, explained our situation, and with one payment, I was then able to wait 2 months for my next

Let me make this easier for both of us, here are a few links for you to quit your job, with a plan.  As I’ve already mentioned each person’s plan will differ, for each person is in different situations.  You can go through these articles and pick and choose which ideas would work best for you.  But please have a plan, you deserve a plan. Don’t you agree?

Please, let me know what plan you built, in the comments section below. What worked for you and what didn’t work for you?

Ready to Find Your Next Job?

Another reason you’re still working your current job, so you won’t be as ‘financially desperate’ to find a job.  Lots of hate your job, unhappy, quitting, looking for employmenttimes, those that aren’t as smart as you, and they’ll wind up taking the first job available to them.  You don’t want to do that.  You want to be able to look and look in more than one direction.

Gone are the days when you go in to ask for a job application.  From hunting for jobs, and uploading your resume, and even filling out an application online, it’s how it’s done today!  Let me help you find the best job for you.  First make sure your resume is up to date, and ready to upload.

Here are 2 interesting articles I wanted to share with you.  Read them before you start job hunting.  I saw some really useful tips:

  1. How to Start Looking for a Job
  2. The 3 Best Ways to Find Jobs Online and Offline in 2019

Here are places to look for jobs online:

Even though I did not list them, there are find job sites, for out of the country employment.  If you like, I can post them.  Just let me know in the comments below.  Or email me at

I am not familiar with the below links.  But they claim they can post to multiple boards, for you.


Good Luck

The very best to you on your job search.  May you find a better place to work, or a new career path, just remember who you are doing this for…YOU! =)

Let us know how it worked out for you, in the comments below!  And again, good luck!


hate your job, unhappy, quitting, looking for employment

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26 comments on Worldwide, 85% of Employees Hate Their Jobs

  1. I’m part of that 85%. Some jobs are really decent and very fun because of the colleagues that supported us but because of the terrible management and bosses not to mention the lies and deceit we have to go through to cover their tracks, we end up leaving our jobs. Online Business is the way to go. I think everyone should hop on this opportunity, it’s time to take control of our lives! 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Your words ring so true.  It is time we take back control of our lives.  No one else is going to do it.  Right?

      The very best for you in 2019,

  2. This article is an outstanding way to get out of the hateful cycle a person is in with their job. I myself currently hate my job which is why I got with WA to help me progress in life. I had checked out some of the sites you recommended but most of them were new to me. Considering I live outside of the USA some of them dont apply regardless their are a lot of them that can be used with in my country of residence. 

    I like the articles you provided to view before you actually start applying. Having your resume ready and up to date is definitely a suggestion I wish I had know ahead of time before I started job hunting as well. Lesson learned though. 

    Thank you for your article. It was a nice read and a refresher to know that you dont have to stay with your current job if you dont want to. 

    1. Hi Rick,

      So many people are unhappy with their current job, which is sad, but also a reality.  I know you can not be 100% happy with your job–I mean it’s work.  But when those percentages go down in being content with your job, and up with dissatisfaction, I believe it may be time to look elsewhere.  

      And I see you are working on that.  WA is great.  The very best to you on your journey to success and being happy in what you do!

      Good luck on you search, and let’s make 2019 a better year!

  3. I must say that you are totally right. I know so many people who are not satisfied with their current job, me as well but we are forced to work, unfortunately. I changed a couple of jobs but that is definitely something that I don’t like. I would like to encourage all people who are not satisfied with their current situation that don’t give up. Strong will and dedication are needed but you can succeed and work what you like, only if you want to.

    1. Your words are so true.  And with the employment rate on the rise, may that work in peoples favor.

      Thanks for stopping by, Daniel,

  4. This article depicts what is happening in so many people’s life including my life. To the fact I’m tired of my job. After devoting all your time on the job you won’t get appreciated.Fine I’m doing my job but this job doesn’t give the time to jave nice time with my family but my boss do have nice time with his family something he takes them on vacation to explore places which I want to do also but why I am not quitting is because I haven’t seen a better job but I will try these  sites listed.

    1. Hi,

      Let me start off by saying I’m sorry that your boss feels he’s the only one deserving to spend time with his family.  Employers today are so unappreciative.  We all need personal time, so that we preform better at our jobs.

      Good luck on your search and may you find a positive solution in your job hunting!  Let me know if I can help with your search,

  5. Thanks for the great post.  I have to say, I used to love my job, but then, our company shifted focus and, although the new focus is a great market and probably the right way to go, I’m not longer loving what I do and proper training in the new direction is lacking.  It’s left me disheartened.  To top it off my spouse recently become unemployed so now there’s financial stress on top of that.  I’ve been thinking of looking for a different job or even a second job but it’s been hard to find the motivation as I feel a bit defeated.

    I really do appreciate your words of caution and plan recommendations.  The list of places to start looking is helpful too.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Scott,

      I a sorry to hear about your job is no longer enjoyable.  A lot of companies are going in different directions, due to them keeping up with the times.  A lot are also losing their jobs due to downsizing.  I wish there was something I could say to help with your defeated feeling, but really there isn’t.  All I can say is keep telling yourself that “this” too shall pass.

      Maybe start looking for that part time for the weekends.  Sometimes seeing what opportunities are available to you, will be that little push that you need.  Or possibly share this with your wife, in hopes that she could find another job.

      The very best to you both and thank you for stopping by.  Let’s decide to make 2019 a better year!

  6. Certainly agree with you on how horrible it is to be stuck in a job you hate and have a manager that you despise. Makes it super hard to be happy and productive at the work. The ‘Want To Quit Your Job Check List’ is great and will be helpful for anyone seriously looking for a change. Great info here, thanks.

    1. Hi Myles,

      Unfortunately and sadly it is true.  Glad you liked my checklist.  I just like helping people to achieve.  |

      You have yourself a wonderful New Year!

  7. I believe I belong among the 85 per cent of those who hate their jobs but and main reason I hate is the distance between me and family if I can get another way out of this place I would take it very fast that is why when  I heard of wealthy affiliate I didn’t think twice I jumped at the offer  yeah with hope of going home one day and be nextmy family and for sure I know I am on my way  just need to work extra hard and you wealthy affiliate you have my thanks

    1. Hi Charles,

      Yes WA provides many of us with the tools to be financially free.  I just wanted to offer to help those who aren’t open to the idea of entrepreneurship.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I fully agree with you, people sometimes have to break and make this step back, but this step opens many other ways. This will greatly help those who seek a positive change in their lives. They need only a little motivation and encouragement. They just need to do something to change, for start, to start looking. Great!

    Best regards,

    MMA Store-Warrior Spirit

    1. Glad that you agree.  Some haven’t.  Change can be good.  I know got me it has.  It’s given me back my purpose, and to do what I love, which is to be online with my laptop, working from my home, owning my very own business, AND making money.  

      Best regards to you as well, and thanks for stopping by,

  9. Great reality about life. In fact all of the story above relate with me 100%. I have never liked my job. I feel like I’m just helping my boss to build his business to grow while he does not care if there is any progress with me in years. You have no control over your time. You are being threatened that you will be sacked at any time. 

    Until I joined WA my hope of becoming successful was activated. Have met a lot of successful entrepreneurs who have been motivating me daily to succeed. There is nothing like freedom and happiness. When you can become your own boss making money.

    1. Freedom and happiness…..only one better word then them…FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  OK, that’s 2 words.  

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great 2019!!

  10. Hi Laura,

    Count me in the 85% group as a person who hated their job when I worked for someone else.

    I was the one “picking up after everyone else.”  I was the one making things right when the slackers were messing things up.

    But, it seems like the slackers got better treatment than me because they knew how to play office politics – and, they were good at being a “brown nose” – sucking up to management.  Since this was one thing I didn’t do – my ethics prevented me from jumping on to this bandwagon – I was ostracized repeatedly by the slackers and their management buddies.

    Well, eventually, I came to the decision that – enough was enough!  I finally walked away from the corporate world and became my own boss.

    That was almost 15 years ago – and I’ve never looked back.

    And, you want to know something?  I have never regretted it – not one bit.  I just made sure I had a plan – to chart my course for self employment – as well as a backup plan.

    Things were a little dicey at first but, soon, things smoothed out.

    Now, I look at all those poor slaves who are still out there – working for someone else – and getting hit from the blindside – and I think, “I used to be one of them.”

    But – no more!


    1. Alright, Jim.  Many wish they could do what you’ve done.  Maybe write a book?  Or heck, another niche?

      I’m glad your decision worked out well for you.  I wish more could see the promise of going into business for themselves, can actually work.

      And I’m with ya on the whole brown nosing part.  I can’t fake liking someone when I don’t like them.  Just not in me.  

  11. You have listed in detail all the reasons that people use when they consider changing jobs.But be honest,it is not always somebody else’s fault, maybe your skills need improvement. Before we apply for the next job we should make a list of what we bring to the table.What we can offer will decide our success.I like your suggestion of making a plan, this is very important.But the most important thing is to improve our skills.With advances in technology many jobs are disappearing. So it is important to keep up with current technology and see where the jobs are today. I would like to see a listing of free education sites on line .It is now possible to learn online specific subjects that will lead to a new career. If your choice is to learn the skills required to start an online business ,and be your own boss, then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. You are very correct.  On one of the pages, I have links to suggest keeping a journal and listing the pros and cons and in doing that, hopefully, they may see that they need to brush up on some of their own skills/behavior/habits/etc.

      The examples I gave are if those issues are for real, for a particular individual, then maybe this article can help.  That list I have could’ve been a mile long, but I wanted to be able to help those wanting better for themselves as well as their careers.

      You have a great 2019, Carlos,

  12. Why don’t you just quit then?  That one always gets me when you tell people you hate your job.  Even in a boom economy there is something very reassuring about having a job.  

    Even if it is a terrible one and you hate it.  It is tough to just walk away and have to start all over again somewhere new.

    Thanks for the article, its nice to know 85% of the people on this earth hate their jobs just like I hate mine.

    1. I understand people can’t just up and quit. and I mentioned that the grass is always greener on the other side.  BUT if an individual decides that he or she does want to leave their current job, to do so with a plan in place.  That is why I wrote the article.

      In no way am I suggesting that you quit, but believe me when I tell you I have heard as well as witnessed, and been a victim of awful atrocities, that makes quitting the only option for some.

      I’m sorry you’re unhappy.  And may 2019 bring you some joy in your home life,

  13. Great Article topic and title. I am in the 85% also but at this point have only had 1 job I liked and was in an accident and now’s i’m unemployed because of middle aged and have a hard time getting work.

    1. Larry, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. That is just awful. Have you been considering any work from home ideas? I have one you can start for free. Take a look see. See and decide for yourself. You can actually go in for free, get 20 step by step video training. So much more. Wealthy Affiliate

      Let me know what you think. I’m LCEndahl in the community!
      Hope this helps,

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